War of the Rebellion: Serial 067 Page 0928 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter XLVIII.

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wood and formed the First Brigade to cover the left. The action had become quite brisk and I was about preparing to charge the enemy, when I received an order to withdraw my command, move to the left, and attack on the right of General Hancock, near the plank road. I moved to the new point of attack through a dense wood and an almost impenetrable undergrowth. On arriving near the new position, I reformed as quickly as possible and moved to the attack, being entirely unable to see anything from the thickness of the wood. The enemy were posted on the opposite side of a swampy ravine and were intrenched. After sharp firing at pretty close range we charged the enemy and got into their rifle-pits in some places, but were unable to maintain our footing and fell back. The charge was twice renewed, but although we gained considerable ground we did not succeed in getting possession of the enemy's line. The Third Division renewed the attack, with this division to support it. The fighting continued till dark, after which we took position on the front, throwing out skirmishers and entrenching. The enemy withdrew during the night. On the morning of the 7th we pushed our skirmishers after the enemy and picked up a few prisoners, but did not find any force. At 1 p. m. we were withdrawn to a position between the Wilderness Tavern and Spotswood's house, where we could support the Sixth Corps.

During the night we moved forward to Chancellorsville, halting there on the morning of the 8th. Our losses were 74 killed, 389 wounded, 41 missing, total 504; the last being mostly prisoners taken when we broke the enemy's line.


On the afternoon of the 9th we moved to Alsop's, from which we moved on the afternoon of the 10th toward Spotsylvania Court-House, crossing the Ny River near Gayle's to support an attack or reconnaissance of the First and part of the Third Divisions on Spotsylvania Court-House. After pretty smart skirmishing, we halted within about quarter of a mile of the Court-House about 10 p. m., threw out strong pickets, and commenced entrenching. We withdrew to the north side of the Ny about 3 p. m. on the 11th, the rest of the corps having withdrawn and halted near the Harris house, but being ordered back, recrossed the Ny about dusk in a heavy storm, and between 9 and 10 p. m. reoccupied the trenches thrown up by the Third Division. At 4 a. m. on the morning of the 12th we moved out of our trenches to attack the enemy, the fire of whose skirmishers we drew at about 4.30. by 5 o'clock the engagement had become very hot. We had taken two lines of detached rifle-pits and some prisoners and assaulted their main line, a portion of which, on our right, we carried, including a battery of two guns. The connection on our right with the Second Corps being broken, the right was turned at the time that corps lost some of the ground they had taken, and we were forced out of the enemy's work with the loss of a few prisoners. The enemy's works were charged repeatedly with heavy loss, but without our being able to carry them. Most of our line, however, was within a few yards of the work, and we took several prisoners. Severe fire was kept up all day from both sides. In the afternoon the enemy made two or three attempts at counter attacks, but were quickly repulsed. During the night our lines were intrenched and connected on the right