War of the Rebellion: Serial 067 Page 0354 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter XLVIII.

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Corps from the time Leasure's brigade moved up to Orange plank road in line of battle perpendicular to our intrenchments until 4.15 p. m., when the enemy made a heavy assault upon the Third and Fourth Divisions, Second Corps, and compelled them to leave the first line of entrenchments for some distance on the left of the Orange plank road, but with the assistance of Carrol's brigade, Second division, and Dow's (Sixth Maine) battery the enemy was repulsed at 5.05 p. m. Brooke's brigade, First Division, Second Corps, came from our left to support Mott. During this assault the forest in front of the breast-works, and the wind being in our faces, drove the smoke and flame into our eyes so that the men were forced to leave the first line more form that cause than form the efforts of the enemy, who had the wind in his favor.

The following was the position of General Hancock's command from right to left along Brock road after the repulse of the enemy at 5.05 p. m.: First, Morrison's heavy artillery, resting its right on Germanna Ford plank road; second, Eustis' brigade, Sixth Corps, and three regiments Getty's division, Sixth Corps, on left of Morrison, in two lines of battle; third, Robinson's division on Eustis' left, in three lines of battle; fourth, Owen's brigade, Gibbon's division, in front line on Brock road on left of Robinson; fifth, Getty's division, Sixth Corps (excepting three regiments), on left of Owen, with his left resting on Orange plank road. Carroll's brigade, Second Division, Second Corps, in line inn rear of Wheaton, and Rice's brigade, Fifth Corps, in rear of Carroll, in third line of battle; sixth, Birney's division, Second Corps, on left of Orange plank road, connecting with Getty's division, Sixth Corps

(one section Dow's battery on plank road) in three lines of battle; seventh, Mott's division, Second Corps, on left of Birney in two lines of battle; eighth, Irish Brigade on left of Mott, in one line; ninth, Webb's brigade, Second Division, on left of Irish Brigade, in one line; tenth, First, Third, and Fourth Brigades, of Barlow's division, on left of Webb, and with artillery forming left of line.

6.10 p.m., following dispatch received by General Hancock:


May 6, 1864-5.45 p. m.

Major-General HANCOCK,

Commanding Second Corps:

Your dispatch is received. The major-general commanding directs that you do not attack to-day. Remain as you are for the present.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

6.15 p. m., the following from Colonel Morgan, chief of staff, Second Corps:

General HANCOCK:

Four prisoners (deserters) came in opposite our left this moment; they are from Heth's division; they report no force opposite our left. Arrangements here are about complete.


Lieutenant-Colonel, &c.

7.45 p. m., while on his way to headquarters of the army General Hancock received intelligence that General Sedgwick's (Sixth) corps had been driven, and requesting him to send all of his spare troops to Sedgwick. Getty's division, Sixth Corps, sent to General Sedgwick.