War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0467 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Work on the Ashepoo, at Mr. Barnwell Rhett's: One 24-pounder, rifled and banded, barrette, one 18-pounder, rifled.

Work at Mr. Thomas Rhett's, on the lower Ashepoo: One 12-pounder rifle, siege.

Work at Stock's Causeway: One 12-pounder rifle, siege.

Work at Bennett's: Assigned not yet in position, one 32-pounder, rifled and banded, barrette, one 32-pounder, barrette, one 4.62-inch, rifled and banded, siege.

Glover's Causeway: One 24-pounder Austrian howitzer.


Work at Combahee Ferry: One 6-pounder.

Old Pocotaligo: One 24-pounder iron howitzer, two 24-pounder Austrian howitzers.

Dawson's Bluff: One 24-pounder siege, one 3-inch rifle.

Bee's Creek Causeway: Two 6-pounders.

New River bridge-work. Two 12-pounder bronze rifle guns, to be used as smooth-bores.

Red Bluff: One 8-inch columbiad (pivot), two 24-pounders, rifled and banded, barrette.


Fort McAllister: One 10-inch mortar, one 8-inch columbiad, one 42-pounder, one 32-pounder.

Bay batteries:

City Point: One 10-inch mortar, one 8-inch columbiad, one 32-pounder navy, one 32-pounder, rifled and banded.

Causten's Bluff: Two 10-inch mortars, two 8-inch columbiads, one 32-pounder navy.

Fort Boggs: two 10-inch mortars, one 10-inch columbiad, eleven 32-pounders navy.

Beaulieu Battery: One 4.62 rifled, two 42-pounders, three 32-pounders navy, two 32-pounders, short navy.

Thunderbolt Battery: One 24-pounder rifle, two 42-pounders, seven 32-pounders navy,four 8-inch navy.

Fort Jackson: Two 8-inch columbiads, seven 32-pounders navy.

Battery Lee: Two 10-inch columbiads, three 8-inch columbiads, one 42-pounder, one 32-pounder navy, three 10-inch mortars.

Navy Battery: Five 32-pounders, two 24-pounders, rifled.

Battery Lawton: The 10-inch columbiads, two 42-pounders, one 8-inch columbiad.

Battery near Augusta: One 8-inch columbiad.

Rose Dew Battery, Numbers 1: One 10-inch columbiad, one 18-pounder, rifled. Numbers 2: One 32-pounder. Numbers 3: One 10-inch columbiad.

Remarks on the District of Georgia: I will be enabled shortly to give (as now being collected from actual inspection) the exact number of guns of all descriptions in the District of Georgia, with a statement of their precise location. The guns in Georgia as per information received April 27, 1864, far exceed the within (made on reports of old date, in which the " lines" then unfinished were not included). They amount in the aggregate to 210.