War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0465 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Fort Moultrie: Four 10-inch columbiads, two 8-inch columbiads, one 32-pounder, rifled and banded, two 24-pounders smooth-bore, one 10-inch sea-coast mortar.

Battery Bee: One 11-inch Dahlgren, four 10-inch columbiads, one 10-inch columbiad, rifled, one 8-inch columbiad, rifled.

Battery Marshall: One 8-inch columbiad, one 8-inch shell gun, one 7-inch Brooke, one 32-pounder rifle, two 12-pounder rifles, two 12-pounders smooth-bore, one 4-inch Blakely, three 8-inch sea-coast howitzers.

Battery Marion: Three 10-inch columbiads, one 8-inch columbiad, one 7-inch Brooke, five 10-inch sea-coast mortars.

Battery Beauregard: One 10-inch columbiad, one 8-inch columbiad, rifled and banded, one 8-inch columbiad, two 32-pounders, rifled and banded, one 32-pounder smooth-bore, two 24-pounders smooth-bore, three 8-inch sea-coast howitzers.

Battery Rutledge: Three 10-inch columbiads, one 10-inch columbiad, rifled, three 10-inch sea-coast mortars.

Two-gun Battery Numbers 1: Two 32-pounders smooth-bore.

Two-gun Battery Numbers 2: Two 24-pounders smooth-bore.

Two-gun Battery Numbers 3: Two 32-pounders smooth-bore.

Two-gun Battery Numbers 4: Two 24-pounders smooth-bore.

Battery Gary: Two 8-inch columbiads.

Battery at Kinloch's: One 32-pounder, navy.

Battery Palmetto: One 9-inch Dahlgren, two 32-pounders, rifled and banded.

Battery Evans: One 32-pounder, navy.


Fort Ripley: One 8-inch columbiad, one 10-inch columbiad.

Castle Pinckney: One 42-pounder, rifled and double banded, two 10-inch columbiads.

Battery at the foot of Laurens street: One 32-pounder, rifled and banded, one 10-inch columbiad.

Half-Moon Battery: One 10-inch columbiad, one 32-pounder, rifled.

Battery Waring: Two 10-inch columbiads.

Battery at Frazer's Wharf: One 13-inch Blakely.

Battery Ramsay: One 11-inch Dahlgren, two 10-inch columbiads, one 42-pounder, rifled and banded.

Battery at the foot of Calhoun street: One 8-inch columbiad, rifled.

Fort Sumter: Two 10-inch columbiads, three 42-pounders, rifled.


Work Numbers 1 (new lines): Two 24-pounders siege, one 12-pounder rifle, one 12-pounder smooth-bore.

Work Numbers 2: Two 32-pounders, barrette, two 24-pounders siege, one 8-inch navy, one 8-inch sea-coast howitzer.