War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0438 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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light artillery batteries. This is very inconvenient to the batteries now wanting horses and oppressive upon the infantry over so large a district. Besides this the numerous works in this district are retarded and most of them are suspended for the want of forcer. The works on John's Island are very necessary to be done, and we have but four companies of infantry to employ on them when there ought to be at least a full regiment on that island.

I ask again that my two regiments be returned to my command at once. My whole brigade is inadequate to guard this district. I hope that neither of my regiments shall be stopped in the Second District. It is desirable to keep the brigade together, and I ask that other troops may be assigned to General Robertson's district than those which compose my brigade.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



ROYALL'S HOUSE, April 17, 1864-11 a. m.

Captain OTEY:

General Taliaferro has just left for the city, and I have asked him to represent me fully in conversation with the general upon the proposition made last night, as it is a matter of much interest to me, and I cannot leave the island during the general's absence. I have concluded to telegraph you on the subject to ask General Taliaferro to present the following: I understood last night that the proposition was merely to take the command of Evans' brigade for garrison service for one month in North Carolina. This morning I learn-how correctly I do not know-that the service is likely to be active, and that General Beauregard himself is to go. This makes much difference, and I have begged General Taliaferro to withdraw his opposition to my going, if such is the case, and I now ask the commanding general to take me with him. With all the facilities for controlling troops on this island and the small number here, I know from experience that the command can be very well managed with one general office, and personally I feel that my desire for active service ought to have some weight. I have taken much pains with my brigade since its organization; the association is mutually agreeable, and I am unwilling to lose or exchange it permanently. All I ask in the matter is such assurances as the general can give that I will not be permanently withdrawn from it, and that if it should be ordered out of this department while I am away that I may be returned to it as soon as the service will permit.

I am, captain, respectfully,




APRIL 17, 1864.

Have informed General Taliaferro that am now awaiting answer of General Walker. If he declines, will be glad to have General Hagood, with conditions asked, as far as lay in my power.


General, Commanding.