War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0421 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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The 7-inch gun battery is in good condition, well traversed, with serviceable magazine in rear. The parapet thence next to second gun from the east is in fair order. Traverses for columbiads next in position are in proper condition. Parapet extending west beyond large bomb-proof as fair. The bomb-proof, however, wants sodding and finishing badly. It is capacious and serviceable as quarters and siege hospital. A large magazine in rear of fourth gun is in fine order. The parapet thence west to sixth chamber wants sodding and finishing. The work around the cambers next is serviceable. From the seventh chamber the parapet west is in bad order and requires attention. Traverses, parapets, and revetments of the mortar chambers next west all want repair badly. A bomb-proof separating the mortar chambers is in good condition. The mortar chamber next is in the same state as the one last named, and from thence to Battery Bee the parapet is not finished and requires labor and repair.

The guns and mortars are as well provided with ammunition as circumstances will admit and proper care is taken of material.

The battery is garrisoned by the Eighteenth Georgia Battalion, Major Basinger.


Number. a Description of Condition of Direction and

gun and carriage and extent of field of

carriage. equipments. fire.

1 11-inch Good. Shut off from

Dahlgren; Morris Island, but

barbette. fires to sea and

toward harbor.

2 Vacant. ...

3 10-inch Good. Do.



4 do. do. Do.

5 Vacant. ...

6 8-inch Good. Do.



7 Vacant. ..

8 10-inch ... Do.


9 do. .. Do.

10 10-inch rifle. ... Shut off from

Morris Island, and

fires west from

Cumming's Point

about 120 degrees.

a Guns numbered from the east.

The traverse east of Battery Bee is in good order, but he merlon shutting off the Dahlgren gun from Morris Island is revetted with sand bags and requires other revetments. A bomb-proof is in process of construction next west and nearly completed except sodding. The next merlons are in the same condition as that referred to. The traverse next the third gun chamber is good, but the parapet thence next requires repair and finishing to the traverse near the fourth.

The magazine adjacent is in good condition, as well as parapets and traverses throughout the battery west, where the merlons have been revetted with sands bags. The bomb-proofs are in rear in good order as also the western magazine.

The telegraph bomb-proof is in condition. Another is in process of constructions for the signal corps.

Major Warren Adams commands Battery Bee, which is garrisoned by two companies First South Carolina [Regular] Infantry. It is well supplied according to orders and material well cared for.