War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0418 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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Number. Description of Condition Direction and extent of

gun and of carriage field of fire.

carriage. and



batteries. a

6 32-pounder Fair. East to southeast.



7 8-inch rifle; Good. East along beach and

barbette. seaward to southwest.

8 8-inch do. Southeast and seaward to

columbiad, southwest.


9 32-pounder do. Do.



10 10-inch do. Do.



11 8-inch sea- do. Southwest and along

coast beach to west.



a The southern part of the work is generally in good condition, parapets sound and fairly protected by sods and revetments. Traverses are between the guns, all in good order. A banquette for infantry extends between the 32-pounder rifle and 10-inch columbiad on the west of southern face. The traverse and service magazine at the southwest angle are apparently in good order. The officers' bomb-proof in same vicinity lately finished by troops is strong and well ventilated. The guns are generally supplied with ammunition, and good care taken for preservation of material and stores.

The chevaux-de-frise stand well, notwithstanding late extraordinarily high tides. The wire obstructions, however, require watching, as the piers are washed up from time to time.

The work is garrisoned by two companies of First South Carolina [Regular] Infantry, under Captain Huguenin, and is generally in good order. In view of repairs necessary on the northern extremity of the east face and existing and probable circumstances, it is a question whether it would not be well to make an inclosed work of this battery of less capacity than it is at present, requiring fewer men and being safe against a coup de main. This will be spoken of in accompanying communications.


Number. Description of Condition of Direction and extent

a gun and carriage and of field of fire.

carriage. equipments.

1 32-pounder Not mounted, Seaward and to Morris

rifle; for high but Island.

elevation and suitable.

long range.

2 6-pounder iron; Good. To cover beach.


3 do. do. Do.

4 do. do. Do.

5 do. do. Do.

a The guns are numbered from the east.

The whole distance from Beauregard west to bomb-proof wants renewing, having been almost blown away. A battery for the 32-pounder, rifled, high elevation, requested. The gun platform and carriage are ready, but it has not been mounted, as it would be perfectly exposed. It was my intention to try the effect of the long range on the enemy's wooden boats, if only for annoyance and to make him keep his distance when in observation.

The parapet in front of the two 6-pounders east is wanted badly. The guns are without protection, and are run down in the daytime.

The bomb-proof at the angle to Battery rutledge the work looks well and requires little more work at present, which can be rapidly