War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0346 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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ported were correct, whereupon Captain Lee forwarded the letter to its destination. Upon the subject being again brought to my attention this day I cannot recollect in the conversation alluded to in the above letter that Captain Lee directly condemned the torpedo, but that he advised Engineer Toombs to use one of his new torpedoes that he conceived far more perfect. To the best of my knowledge and belief Captain Lee had no conversation with Mr. Toombs on the dimensions of charges of gunpowder necessary to obtain the best results.


CHARLESTON, March 9, 1864.

As the only witness to the conversation above alluded to was Mr. Theodore Stoney, I deemed it proper before forwarding my letter of March 8 to submit it to Mr. Theodore Stoney's inspection, in order to ascertain if his recollection of the facts therein stated agreed with mine. Not until he confirmed my report did I forward the letter. As Mr. Stoney now believes himself in error, and as consequently I am not sustained in my recollection of so much of the conversation as refers to my directly condemning the torpedo used by the David, I deem it proper to withdraw so much of my letter as bears upon that point.


Captain of Engineers.

CHARLESTON, S. C., March 10, 1864.


Adjutant and Inspector General, Richmond, Va.:

The two companies, A and B, composing squadron horse artillery, commanded, respectively, by Captains Trenholm and Magee, are stationed at Coosawhatchee, Third Military District, South Carolina. Aggregate present and absent, 265.


Chief of Staff.

CAMP MILTON, FLA., March 10, 1864.

Brigadier-General JORDAN,

Chief of Staff, Charleston:

All quiet here. Am preparing to erect battery on Saint John's River, few miles above Jacksonville, to prevent enemy's transports passing up to operate in lower Florida. Telegraph this to department. Send me moss or hair saddle cloth instead of felt.


HEADQUARTERS, &C., March 10, 1864.

H. J. LEARY, Esq.,

Marietta, Ga.:

SIR: I am directed by the commanding general to inform you that it was the torpedo-boat H. L. Hunley that destroyed the Federal man-of-war Housatonic, and that Lieutenant Dixon commanded