War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0331 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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arriving from New Berne, it is said. Troops are being sent evidently hence to some point. Our troops occupy position in rear of McGirt's Creek. Our total loss in battle at Ocean Pond reported 800; that of enemy at least 2,000 killed, wounded, and prisoners. Our troops fought with great gallantry against twice their number in the open woods.


Chief of Staff.


Near Baldwin, Fla., March 4, 1864.

Whereas by representation made to these headquarters it appears that in the district of the country south of the Withlacoochee River on the west, and of the headwaters of the Saint John's River on the east, embraced in the fourth and fifth commissary districts of Florida, there are a number of persons, deserters from the Army of the Confederate States and others, liable to military service, who evade, by concealment and sometimes by open resistance to the constituted military authorities, the duty which they owe to their country; and it has further been represented that many of these persons have families so entirely dependent upon them for a support that much suffering might result by compelling them at present to military service in localities remote from their homes, and that many are willing to do such service to the Confederacy as they may and remain in proximity to their families:

By reason of these representations a general amnesty and pardon is hereby proclaimed to all such persons in said districts, excepting only those who have, in conjunction with the enemy, taken up arms against the Confederate States, or taken the life of any citizen or officer or soldier of the Confederate States; on condition, however, that within forty days after the publication of this proclamation those in the fourth commissary district shall report to Major A. G. Summer, commissary of subsistence and commissary for that district, and those in the fifth district to Captain James McKay, commissary agent for the fifth district of Florida, and upon condition further that all surplus beef-cattle owned by such persons shall be furnished the Confederate Government at schedule prices. Those resident of said districts who report within the time prescribed will be employed by the said Major A. G. Summer, Captain James McKay, commissary agent, as detailed men, in gathering cattle, fishing, &c., for the Government, for which they will receive the compensation allowed by law to detailed men.

Such as do not belong to any organization will be allowed, until further orders, to join companies for local defense, from which they will be detailed, if they so elect, for service with the said commissary and commissary agent.

To all who refuse, or fail without satisfactory reason therefor, to avail themselves of this proclamation it is announced that the commanding general will at an early day visit upon them the most condign punishment by the adoption of such measures as will effectually rid the country of their presence.


General, Commanding.