War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0147 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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The admiral thinks that a combined attack is meditated by the rebels with their iron-clads from the inside, and the Alabama, Florida, &c., from the outside. Their object, he thinks is to cover the exportation of a large quantity of cotton from Darien, Ga. He therefore wishes to go down at once and destroy this cotton, or capture it. This would, of course, secure a large amount of prize-money, but I prefer to cut the railroad first, and then make the other military attempts before attending to the cotton, and I think it will be done in that order.

I am rejoiced to hear the cheering news from General Grant. He certainly will get Richmond now. Lee will retire to the westward as soon as his supplies of ammunition and provisions run low. I am expecting news every hour. Whatever the orders are, whether to send more men to the north or to make active demonstrations with them here, I shall obey them with cheerfulness and carry them out with alacrity.


Major-General, Commanding.


Washington, D. C., June 23, 1864.

Major E. N. STRONG,

Aide-de-Camp, Washington, D. C.:

MAJOR: The rebel officers whom you are to receive to conduct to Major-General Foster, at Hilton Head, are at Fort Delaware, and Brigadier-General Schoepf, the commanding officer at that post, has been instructed to deliver them to you. You will therefore proceed without delay, in the steamer provided for the purpose by the quartermaster's department, to Fort Delaware, and having received the general and field officers referred to you will return to Hilton Head and deliver them to Major-General Foster, commanding Department of the South. The guard detailed to accompany you from Fort Delaware is expected to return from Hilton Head with as little delay as possible.


Colonel Third Infantry, Com. General of Prisoners.

Roll of prisoners of war at Fort Delaware, to be sent to Hilton Head, S. C.

No Names (by Rank. Regiment Where When

. regiment or country captured. captured.

and and State.



1 Johnson, Major- C. S. Army Wilderness May 12,

Edward general, Va. 1864

2 Gardner, ..do.. Commanding Port July 9,

Franklin Port Hudson 1863


3 Archer, J. Brigadier- A. S. Army Gettysburg July 3,

J. general, Pa. 1863

4 Steuart, ..do.. ..do.. Wilderness May 12,

George H., Va. 1864

5 Thompson, ..do.. ..do.. Randolph August

M. Jeff. County, 22, 1863


6 Carter, R. Colonel 1st Loudoun December

Welby Virginia County, 17, 1863

Cavalry Va.

7 Cobb, N. ..do.. 44th Wilderness May 12,

Virginia, Va. 1864


8 Duke, ..do.. ... ... ...

Basil W.

9 Ferguson, ..do.. 16th Wayne Feb. 16,

M. J. Virginia County, 1864

Cavalry Tenn.

10 Hanks, J. ..do.. Buford's Anderson, July 20,

M. brigade Ky. 1863

11 Morgan, ..do.. Morgan's Buffington July 19,

Richard C. cavalry, Ohio. 1863

12 Pell, ..do.. Forrest's Paris, Ky. Jan. 6,

James A. cavalry 1864

13 Peebles, ..do.. 44th Wilderness May 12,

W. H. Georgia, Va. 1864


14 Vande- ..do.. 50th ..do.. May 12,

venter, A. Virginia 1864

S. Infantry