War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0118 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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Second. Battery of two 6-pounder Parrotts.

Works at white house to hold center of island:

First. Battery of two 30-pounder Parrotts and two 6-pounders.

Second. Work in progress for fourteen guns and four mortars.

Works at lower end command the Stono River:

First. Fort Delafield, two 42-pounder James rifles, three 32-pounder James rifles.

Second. Fort Mahan, three 32-pounder James rifles.

Works on long Island cover approaches to Pawnee Landing and white house:

First. Large infantry keep stockade.

Second. Small fort, two 20-pounder Parrotts.

Works on Cole's Island cover approaches to white house and Stono Inlet:

First. Eastern Redoubt, commands Big Folly River.

Second. Western Redoubt, commands Stono River. No armament in these works when last heard from.

Works on Kiawah Island cover the Stono Inlet from an attack in this direction:

First. Lower redoubt, commands the beach.

Second. Upper redoubt, commands all the end of the island. The armament of these works has been removed. They are held by infantry.


Hilton Head.

Work to command the harbor: Fort Welles, seventeen guns.

Works to prevent a land attack:

First. Fort Mitchel, ordered to be dismantled.

Second. Line of intrenchments, undergoing alterations.

Saint Helena Island.

Work to command the harbor: Fort Seward, thirteen guns.

Port Royal Island.

Defenses of Beaufort:

First. Fort Duane and rifle-pit, armament, one 8-inch gun, one 32-pounder, four 18-pounders, one 12-pounder howitzer, two 24-pounder howitzers.

Second. Battery Burnside, two 8-inch guns, one 30-pounder parrott, one 24-pounder.

Third. Battery Seymour, two carronades.

Fourth. Battery Saxton, three 8-inch siege howitzers.

Fifth. Battery Brayton, one 10-pounder Parrott, one 24-pounder howitzer.

Sixth. Battery Taylor, two 30-pounder Parrotts, one 10-pounder Parrott, one 24-pounder.

Cockspur Island.

Works to command the Savannah River:

First. Fort Pulaski.

Second. Water Battery, two 10-inch columbiads and two 100-pounder Parrotts.