War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0101 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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In justice to the men I will state that only a few of them are at all inclined to drink, and that the regiment as such is remarkably temperate.

J. M.


Folly Island, S. C., May 23, 1864.

Colonel L. VON GILSA, Commanding Post, Folly Island:

COLONEL: I have received orders this a. m. to make such demonstrations in this district as to cause the enemy to concentrate his forces in Charleston. These demonstrations must be made at once in order to have the desired effect. You will therefore -

First. Order the commanding officer of Long Island to show a number of men in his front, and with unusual life to cross over troops ostensibly, say about 2 o'clock this p. m., to Tiger Island, where they should hide away. He should, however, not send such numbers over as to make the enemy's fire on Tiger Island effective. The troops must remain there until late at night; must not return before 12. He should show his boat howitzer up the creek. Should fire from the fort at the enemy's outposts toward the chimneys at 2 o'clock this p. m.

Second. You will order a strong patrol over to Broad Island. The men should show themselves and remain there until 12 to-night.

Third. You will order the commanding officer of Cole's Island to cross over at once with a force of, say, at least 60 men, to Battery Island. They should hide away as though taking a position as skirmishers. The howitzer should be taken at once to the fort on the right. A rocket volley should be prepared at the bridge on the right, and at least 30 rockets should be fired away in three volleys. Planks should be ostensibly brought to the bridge on the right, and the bridge on the left should be ostensibly fixed so as to alarm the enemy. The firing from Cole's Island should commence with the rockets and howitzer at 4 this p. m., and at 6 o'clock musketry fire should commence along the whole line.

Fourth. You will have the troops of the Thirty-second U. S. Colored Regiment ready at the wharf at 2 o'clock and embark them on the steamers order there for that purpose. Besides those of the Thirty-second you should have at least 60 veterans on these steamers. Three rocket-boats will be ready at the same time, and the men will report to you.

If the gun-boats should not go up, which they will be requested to do, the expedition will go without them, and start at 2.30 up Stono River. The boats will halt in the neighborhood of Battery Island, and land a small part of these troops there, but on the whole taken such a position as to leave the enemy in an uncertainly whether we will land on James or John's Island.

They will take shelter behind the piles and will lie in the river until late at night, not to leave before 12. The rocket-boat will advance further. You will furnish Captain Jungblut with 40 men, which he will command besides his company. They will attack the farm on the right bank of the Stono River, about 2 miles above Legareville. Captain Jungblut will received his instructions direct from the general commanding.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding District.