War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0041 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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A little to their right there is a small work built wholly of sand and thought to mount two mortars. Still further to the right is another small work on which there have been built three traverses and in which one columbiad has been dismounted and a gun, supposed to be a rifle, mounted in its place.

At Fort Moultrie the parapet has been strengthened, the ditch deepened, two columbiads dismounted on the east end of the fort, and two rifles mounted in their places.

The traverses in the two batteries west of the Moultrie, which were built of sand bags, were torn down and rebuilt with sand and sod, and the three gun battery some distance to the same manner.

On the northeast corner of Sumter a traverse has been built with sand bags, either to protect guns mounted on the lower tier of casemates or to cover mortars mounted behind it. Quite a considerable amount of railroad iron has been stuck up around the same corner, close down to the water. The southeast corner of the fort has been strengthened with sand bags and palmetto, and the bomb-proof at the southwest corner with sand and sand bags. On the south face, about midway between the top of the fort and the water, a line of posts has been planted, about 10 feet apart, extending the full length of the wall, and we discovered to-day that these posts are the supports of a wire fence.

The enemy is building a new battery in the swamp, some distance to the west and front of the Mount Pleasant House. It is constructed of logs and turf to the height of about 6 feet, and they are completing it with sand which they will haul from the beach. No guns are yet in position, but I believe it is intended for a three-gun battery.

A great amount of work has been done at Castle Pinckney in the pst month, but it is not yet possible to tell the object of it. There has been a large amount of sand and turf carried inside the fort, and from present appearances they have commenced a wall of sand and turf within the original wall of the fort.

At Fort Ripley there has also been considerable work done. The magazines and traverses which were made of sand bags have been covered with sand and turfed over. Lately there have been seven schooner loads of sand used in this work.

The battery on the northeast wharf of Charleston has been turfed and one gun mounted on it.

Fort Johnson has been turfed and the large bomb-proof west of the fort is now being so repaired. A garrison has lately taken up quarters inside the fort.

One new gun has been mounted on Battery Simkins, but no other work has been done on it, except repairing the damage done by our shells. At the battery next on the right of it barracks have been built for a garrison. A little beyond a new battery has been lately commenced, which is progressing rapidly. Between this point and Secessionville there has been no work done on the batteries except a little repairing and dressing of slopes.

One gun has been mounted in a battery just at the edge of Secessionville and a garrison placed on it.

The officer in charge of the engineers reports the following amount of engineer work done on the forts and batteries on Morris Island, during the month of March: At Fort Putnam about 30 yards of palisading, washed away by the high tides, have been reset and the