War of the Rebellion: Serial 066 Page 0019 Chapter XLVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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rifle, two 8-inch siege howitzers, four 24-pounder howitzers (brass), one 42-pounder carronade, one 32-pounder carronade, two 18-pounder siege guns (smooth-bores), two 8-inch siege mortars, and that two 8-inch sea-coast howitzers and one 8-inch naval gun are expected soon.

The following disposition will be made of the above guns, unless good reasons should be found for modifying the plan on account of the arrival of cannon not expected at present.*

First. Redoubt Sammon, one 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, one 8-inch siege howitzers, one 24-pounder James, one 8-inch mortar.

second. Battery Myrick, to be occupied by field guns, as occasion may require.

Third. Redoubt Fribley, one 8-inch naval gun, one 8-inch siege howitzer, two 30-pounder Parrotts, one 8-inch mortar.

Fourth. Battery McCrea now has two 6-pounder field (brass), to be vacated soon.

Fifth. Redoubt Reed, one 8-inch sea-coast howitzer, one 42-pounder carronade, one 30-pounder Parrott, and one mortar, if it comes.

Sixth. Redoubt Moore.

Seventh. Battery Hamilton by field guns, as Numbers 2 and Numbers 4.

The four 24-pounder howitzers and two 20-pounder Parrotts, with the three 3-inch captured rifles, to be parked as a reserve redoubt Moore has and yet been commenced, and upon examination to-day, after the ground has been well cleared of trees, it seems unnecessary to place one there (at the cemetery). The ground across the creek (Hogan's) is perfectly commanded by the fire from Redoubt Reed. Until the major-general commanding can inspect and decide upon this I have decided that the ground be not disturbed. The cutting of timber proceeds as rapidly as the want of axes allow, and the country across the creek is now well opened.

At Palatka has been constructed a central redoubt (Numbers 2.), and at Nos. 1 and 3 are position for one or two field guns.*

The only artillery now there is two 3-inch rifles and two 12-pounder howitzers of Captain James' battery.

It is probable that the redoubt will be armed with the two 18-pounders and one 32-pounder carronade now here, and probably (if an arrangement to be suggested should fail) that the two captured 6-pounders now here will be sent there, and such means supplied as will compel no portion of a mounted battery to be kept there. The works are probably nearly ready for these guns.

The arrangement referred to is that there be sent here any old iron guns (field) that may be useless elsewhere. I believe that there are several such at Hilton Head. If I am not mistaken there are several at Saint Augustine, quite useless there, that may well be brought here, and that are good for canister to any extent. I propose to go to Saint Augustine soon to procure such guns. One or two are much wanted at Yellow Bluff, one or two at Palatka, others here. They are as good for these purposes as brass guns of later date.

The work at Yellow Bluff is complete. A signal tower there is nearly finished, and is already occupied by a party (to-day), and a station is established at the mouth of the Saint John's. It will be necessary to construct a tower here. These communications will be of great service.

* Small diagrams omitted.