War of the Rebellion: Serial 065 Page 0608 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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receiving a dispatch from Lieutenant-Colonel Kemper that Parker's battery needed ammunition. More than the six wagons ordered to this command for ordnance were needed to haul the ammunition from Rantowles or some point on John's Island to where the battery was stationed, and I had but one. The next morning, 10th, I received orders from you to return here to order all the ammunition and forage that might be needed for the troops on John's Island, and ordered to come there. Upon arriving at Adams' Run, the wagon of the Fourth as sent off with ammunition, and the wagon at district headquarters was likewise sent. I had met the wagon of the Forty-sixth with the requisite ammunition for that regiment upon my journey here. I found it too late after your orders were obeyed to return to John's Island the same night, my horse being much jaded. I therefore concluded to start early next morning to reach your headquarters on John's Island by 9 o'clock. During the night I received a dispatch from Lieutenant-Colonel Kemper to send "an abundant supply of ammunition" for Parker's battery, as he had "exhausted his ammunition." I was somewhat surprised at this, as Captain Parker, according to his report to me, had 422 rounds in his chests; 24 rounds were on the road which I passed; in all, 446 rounds, when the capacity of his four-gun battery, caissons, and limbers was only 512 rounds, the rest having been expended in practice. Captain Parker reported on hand before the fight as follows:

Shot. Shell Canis

. ter.

On hand before the fight. 166 189 67

On hand to-day, after the fight. 120 50 67

Expended in action. 46 139 ...

This statement shows that Lieutenant-Colonel Kemper was mistaken in his note to me when he says "Parker has exhausted his ammunition," He may not have meant that it was entirely "exhausted," and at any rate doubtless thought it prudent to ask for "an abundant supply." Captain Parker's horses are in bad condition, and I have since learned, though not from himself, that some of his ammunition on that account had been left some miles in the rear. I promptly made requisition for whatever ammunition Captain Parker has hitherto drawn for and have furnished him from time to time, although all my supplies come in slowly.

Captain Charles. Inglis Light Artillery, went on John's Island with two 3.5-inch Blakely rifles and two 12-pounder howitzers.

Blakely rifles. Howitzers.

Shot. Shell. Shell. Canis


Capacity of caissons and 120 120 196 60


On hand before the fight. 90 66 94 60

A deficiency of. 30 54 102 ...

For every want of Captain Charles of which he informed me I had made timely requisition. I was informed two days ago in Charleston, at the ordnance department, that the Blakely ammunition had been sent for to Augusta, and that the ammunition sent did