War of the Rebellion: Serial 065 Page 0485 Chapter XLVII. CORESPONDENCE, ETC.-UION.

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[Inclosure Numbers 2.]


Port Royal Harbor, S. C., February 13, 18643.


Sixth Connecticut Volunteers, Commanding Hilon Head:

SIR: In acknsoeldging the receipt of the letter of Major Hicks, of the Seventy-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, I desire to say that my object in writing to you in relation to the arrest of an officer of thisi ship, by the order of Major Hicks, was not so much to receive an explanation from him as to call your attention to the improprfriety of that arrest, or of any arrests of naval offices by officers of the Army unles made under such circumstances as would carry a justification of the arrest with it.

The arrest of an officer of this ship by the order of Major Hicks on the ocmplaint of a third party (as to an occurrence of a previous day), while engaged in the performance of his duty, with a boat and crew under his command, was such a violation of usage, was so far beyond the occasion, and was so much in excees of the authority of Major Hicks, which does not extend to officers of the Navy, that I desire to guard against the repetition of such arrests for the future.

It must be quite clear to your military judgment that in this case Major Hicks, on the statement of Mr. Fuller, should have refrained from taking such active measures himself against an officer belonging to another service.

Most certainly I should not feel myself authorized to proceed in such summary manner in the case of an officer of the Army, nor should i allow such action on th epart of any naval officer under my command.

It would be unbecoming to the military association between both serices, as it would be in violation of the practice which governs that association, if by the orders of any naval officer an officer of a regiment should be arrested in the presence of his men, taken away from his command and from the discharge of his duty, and reuqired to answer for his conduct, as to a previous matter or as to any matter, to an officer of the Navy, whether of high or subordinate rank.

From the letter of Major Hicks it would seem that he does not perceive that his action in this case was in any wise improper.

With the hope that a better understanding may prevail for the future, I remain, very respectfully,


Commanding Naval Depot of Port Royal, S. C.


Key West, Fla., February 19, 1864.

Brigadier General CHARLES P. STONE,

Chief of Staff, Hdqrs. Dept. of the Gulf, New Orleans, La.:

GENERAL: I have received your letters of the 2nd and 5th ultimo. I have also received the provisional commission of Captain Henry A. Crane, Second Florida Cavalry, and forwarded it to him at Fort Myers. I return his provisional commission as captain of the Second Regiment of Florida Rangers. Captain Crane's company is now recruited up to 52 men, perhaps more, for I have not heard