War of the Rebellion: Serial 065 Page 0455 Chapter XLVII. CORESPONDENCE, ETC.-UION.

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we proceded direclty to Beaufrot, via Hilton Head, arriving there at midnight. I immediately corssed to Ladies Island, and procured trnapsortation, and at daylight we started and visited several points on Saint Helena Island, and determined the location of that tower; returning to Beaufort that night, we started for Otter Island, but getting aground were compelled to wait all night,a nd arrived at Otter Island in the morning, and thence, having decided on the location of the tower at that point, returned to Folly Island on the afternoon of the 9th.

Colonel Serrell detailed three parties of men to build the otwers. Each building party consisted of a sergeant and 100 men, the whole under the charge of Lieutenant Hartmann, of that regiment.

A fatigue detail of 120 men was also ordered from the Fifty-fifth Massachusetts Volunteers, of which 90 were left with the Botany Bay party and 35 with the Oter Island party.

Lieutenant Hartmann was provided with orders addressed to Brigadier General R. Saxton, directing him to detail 25 men from a colored regimetn as a fatigue party on Saont Helena Island, which he did. The quartermaster having beeen directed to place a steamer at the disposal of Lieutenant Hartmann for this duty, designated the Peconic.

On the night of the 11th, all material, &c., having been got on board, I went on board the Peconis, and at daylight of the 12th she got under way. We landed the working parties at Botany Bay and visited Otter Island, and landed the Otter Island working parties at Saint Helena village that night, near which place they were to get timber for the tower, there being none on Otter Island.

The party for Saint Helena Island were also landed htere, and on the morning of the 13th, having been out during the night to find timber and see the spot for the Saint Helena tower, I took the parties to their places, and they commenced getting out timber.

The next two days were consumed in getting parties rationed and at owrk, and then all was going on well.

On the 3rd of November it was thought that the towers were far enough advanced to commence particing from them. I opened communication that day between Otter and Saint Helena Islands. I could not see Hilton Head from Saint Helena tower, so I arranged a plan of rokcet signals to get the line. I went to Hilton Head and tried it; saw the rockets and marked the line. I also tried the sam plan between Botany Bay and Otter Islands, and found and marked the lines, but could not see the towers, they not having reached the necessry height.

On the 7th, I sent for and stationed officers with flagmen as follows: At Botany Bay, Lieutenants Bruyn and Morrill; at Otter Island, Lieutenant Weber; at Saint Helena Island, Lieutenants Hatfield and Stroop.

I went to Hilton Head on the 7th and remained until the 9th, endeavoring to open communication with Saint Helena tower but unsuccessfully. It having been reported that the Botany Bay tower was seen from Otter Island, I directed the engineers to build no higher, but finish those two towers the height they then were. I then went to Saint Helena tower, and finding it 126 feet high, and thatfrom the top of it only the tops of the highest masts at Hilton Head could be seem, I decided to have that no higher, as it could not be carried high enough to see without a tower at Hilton Head, but to select a point from which communication with Hilto Head