War of the Rebellion: Serial 065 Page 0136 S. C., FLA., AND ON THE GA. COAST. Chapter XLVII.

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several other small steamers, tugs, and schooners, amounting in all of 83. A steam frigate arrived without troops on board. The river

steamers and tugs were very busy playing between fleet at Saint Helena and the fleet at Hilton Head. Off Charleston bar the Wabash has given place to a small sloop of war without steam. There are also 6 blockaders. Inside the bar are the Ironsides, 4 monitors, and 17 other vessels 7 of which are armed. A soldier and a negro died suddenly at Sumter of congestion of the lungs. Firing on the city is continued uninterruptedly, 153 [shells] having been fired, of which 75 fell short, the shells falling along the whole length of East Bay and on the wharves, inflicting but little injury to property and none to life. A number of Yankee dispatches were inter cepted, among them to following, sent toward Folly Island:


The troops here have rations only to the 20th. Meat all gone. Are they to be supplied or relieved?

To-day the enemy fired 4 shots over Fort Sumter from one of the small Parrott guns at Gregg.

January 17.-Vessels reported inside the bar to-day: Ironsides, 3 monitors, 6 wooden gun-boats, 2 armed sailing vessels, and 12 unarmed. The fourth monitor is probably concealed behind some of the other ships. The sailing sloop of war reported yesterday as having taken the place of the Wabash has moved inside, leaving 4 blockaders, 2 of which are steamers. Three gun-boats, 4 transports, and 24 schooners are in the Stono and Folly Rivers to-day. A large steamer with troops on board has been lying in the harbor all day. For want of a good glass Captain Walpole says the observations are not as accurate as they might be. Battery Simkins directed 43 mortar shells against Battery Gregg. The enemy replied with 38 columbiad shells, without effect. The bombardment of the city has continued without cessation. During the twenty-four hours 143 shells have been thrown, 17 of which failed to reach the city.

January 18.-Captain Johnston, 6 officers, and 100 men from the Nineteenth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-eighth Georgia, relieved Captain Groves, with the same force, at Fort Sumter. The fog is so great that it is hard to obtain observations. In the Stono and Folly Rivers are 3 gun-boats, 4 transports, and 24 schooners. In North Edisto is 1 gun-boat. At 9.30 a. m., a steamer came down Folly River. At 11 a. m., a steamer came in from north, and at 1 p. m., one went out, going south. A large steamer with troops on board has been in Stono Harbor all day. Enemy continued to fire on city all day. One hundred and thirty-two shots were fired, of which 87 fell short. The shells fell all about over the city south of Calhoun street and east of King street. Artillery duel between Gregg and Simkins for three hours.

January 19.-Enemy continued to fire at the city all day, but owing to the high wind only 13 of the 123 shells thrown reached the city, falling chiefly on the wharves near the post-office, 2 shots only going up town, 1 falling near the corner of King and Society streets. Twenty-four vessels of various classes are inside the bar and 7 out-side. In the Stono matters remain about the same as yesterday. One of the transports without troops on board left, going south. A few men were seen across Green Creek. About 40 men were seen returning form Stevens' Bridge. One gun-boat is in North Edisto