War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 1105 Chapter XLVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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citizens. The following is the result of my investigations, the same having been laid before Colonel Hutchins:

Quantity of cotton.

Counties. Baled. Unbaked. Total.

Anderson..... Bales. Bales. Bales.

2,005 1,000 3,005

Leon......... 1,000 1,850 2,850

Robertson.... 1,500 1,500 3,000

Brazos....... 250 250 500



2,000 2,000 2,000


Walker...... 129 1,099 1.228

Madison..... 500 1,000 1,500

Grand total 7,347 16,699 24,073

Of this cotton from one-half to three-firths has changed. The quantity purchased by the county agents appointed by the bureau is as follows.

Counties Baled. Unboaled. Total.

Robertson Bales. Bales. Bales.

500 600 1,100



1,000 600 1,600


Walker....... 129 970 1,099

Grand total 1,629 2,170 3,799

I wrote you the full particulars in regard to Anderson County. In regard to the cotton bought by our agents, much of it has been resold to the agents of the State of Texas, no written contract of sale having been entered into between the C. S. agent and the seller. Many who had verbally agreed to sell to the Government withdrew from their agreement upon being offered, as they considered, much better terms by the State agents. In fact, the C. S. agents have been unable to do anything since the State commenced purchasing, and I do not believing will be able to make more purchases until they get through or until some arrangement shall be made by which the operations of the State and of the cotton office can be made to harmonize. Colonel Hutchins has issued orders to his agents in the counties designated, and also to those in adjacent, counties, to exert themselves to have the respective quantities placed as desired. He has (so I suggested in my letter from Magnolia it would accommodate the planters and facilities purchases to do) selected Parkersville, in Anderson County, as a depot. When I was in that county the planters, with four exceptions, were willing to sell the to Government and to deliver the cotton at that point, and unless the State agents have since at that time upset matters, as in other counties, I believe the quantity required can be obtained. Any deficiency that may exist after doing all that can be done in the country, Colonel Hutchins suggests should be obtained from points east of the county.

In Robertson County (Sterling) there is enough cotton already baled up to fill the order, and the C. s. agents had engaged 500