War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 1090 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter XLVI.

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controlled and directed by the brigadier-generals appointed by the State. I respectfully request that you look to that order, and you will see whether I am right or not. If right, Brigadier-General McAdoo is only executing an order issued by yourself and concurred in by me. I had, of course, to assign him to that duty, as he was a brigadier-general appointed by the State. I do not know how he could carry out that order without taking command. In my view of the order referred to the duties now being discharged by General McAdoo furnish no reason for changing the order in relation to subsisting the troops. The troops are in process of reorganization under the State law, and in this transition state you will see by examining the State law that they must be in part under your orders and in part under mine. I am hastening the organization to the extend of my ability so as to have it completed and freed from this apparent confusion. As to the statement that you cannot receive the State troops in brigades, because General Smith said in my presence that there was no law for it, I feel embarrassed by it, as you will see by looking to the duties in this respect imposed by the State law. I respectfully refer you for what I have to say on this subject to another letter addressed to you to-day by me.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


[Inclosure No. 4.] HDQRS. DIST. OF TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, AND ARIZONA, Houston, March 14, 1864.

His Excellency P. MURRAH,

Governor of Texas:

Since my last communication I have received orders by telegraph from Lieutenant-General Smith to send forward all my troops to Louisiana, leaving only minimum garrisons at important points on the coast. Lieutenant-General Smith also desires me to urge upon Your Excellency the importance of bringing the State troops at once into the field, as they must be relied on to hold the coast against the enemy. Nearly all my forces are now on the march, in obedience to the orders I have received. I have received additional dispatches urging me to hasten their movements, their presence being rendered absolutely necessary.

With this emergency before Your Excellency, I am satisfied that no appeal to your patriotism and judgment is required. The defense of Texas being immediately involved, I am satisfied that your action will be prompt. Should Your Excellency, to meet the emergency, hasten forward the State troops in companies, you may be assured that the future organization of the troops into regiments will be conducted strictly in accordance with law that Your Excellency issue orders declaring that the troops are still under my command, and that they will be marched by companies under my orders to such points as I shall designate. An immediate reply to this communication is respectfully requested.

I have the honor, &c.,


Major-General, Commanding, &c.