War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 1059 Chapter XLVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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the place, with whom Captain Deas [Dietz], the officer in question, staid for the week previous to his disappearance. Mr. A. informed me in substance as follows: Captain Deas [Dietz] came to Hines Bay in an ambulance drawn by 2 mules, accompanied by his servant. He visited the Black Jacks and the extreme point of land connecting with Matagorda Island by reefs and islands, 16 miles below Hines Bay, three times-twice in company with one or more citizens of the bay, the third time alone upon a horse borrowed of Mr. Adams, taking with him his compass and telescope, since which time he has not been heard of. I set out immediately with a detachment of my command, 12 in number, all men perfectly acquainted with the locality, to survey the country between Hines Bay and the reef. I traced the foot-marks of a horse to the reef, where it turned inland.

I visited the first island, called Ayer's Island, but could discover no horse marks; but any one desirous of so doing might have left the mainland and crossed the island, without leaving a trace behind. I then ordered my men to scout the whole bay shore from Carlos Head to the Black Jacks, a distance of 30 miles, and see if they could discover any signs of a landing by the enemy; they reported no signs. Returning, I examined as closely as possible from the nature of the country (for miles an impenetrable thicket) the ground over which Captain D. must have traveled in going to and for and bordering the bay shore, without result; I have therefore come to the conclusion from all the evidence that Captain Deas [Dietz] either crossed voluntarily or otherwise to the enemy at Saluria, or has been murdered in the Black Jacks and his body been concealed in the thicket. The horse borrowed by the officer has not been heard of since his disappearance. In my next scout to the island of Saint Joseph's I shall probably hear through one of the residents of Saint Joseph's and Matagorda Islands, with whom I communicate, if any one has crossed from the mainland. I shall visit the islands the coming week.

I have the honor to be, colonel, your obedient servant,


Commanding Company, Local Defense.



Camp on Lavaca, March 29, 1864-12 m.

Respectfully forwarded to Brigadier-General Slaughter, chief of staff, District of Texas, &c. The officer referred to by Captain Upton is Captain Dietz, of the Engineer Corps.


Colonel, Commanding.


HEADQUARTERS PRICE'S DIVISION, No. 24. Camp Sumter, March 19, 1864.

I. Under instructions from the lieutenant-general commanding through the commander of the District of Arkansas, Circular, No. 23, is hereby revoked; and as the advance of the enemy requires that the line of march be changed to the direction of Shreveport, by Lewisville, the column will march in the following order in that direction precisely at 7 a.m. to-morrow: First, Brigadier-General