War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0910 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter XLVI.

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goint to have theirs, and that they were now 1,500 strong, and in less than two months they would have the start and strips floating over Texas. They told him they would let him off this time, sent him on foot under a file of men to the edge of the prairie, and said to him that if he ever told any one that they had taken his horse they would kill him and burn his house.

On being released by the bandits, after having been kept all day, he arrived at home about 10 o'clock, which place Lieutenant Hamilton reach about an hour afterward, and was told all that had transpired in relation to his arrest, &c., and also that he recognized the faces of several of his acquaintances left his neighborhood early after the commencement of this war and went to the North and joined the Army, as he had been told by one of his acquaintances, who was taken at the Arkansas Post, and, while a prisoner, saw all 7 of the number in the Federal ranks. One of this number, William Parnell, came into Denton some four months since, and has been harbored ever since by one Austin Dudley, and was not seen here until very recently, since which time he has been leading this brush party, supposed at present to be about 150 strong. Parnell has got to be bold enough to assert that he would lead this party through to the North as soon as the grass will do to travel on.

Since writing the above, a citizen of our town, a Mr. Whaley, who has been to Denton on business, has just returned and makes the same statement in relation to the robbery of Mr. Craft; he also states that a party of men from Dallas arrested and carried 3 of those men to Dallas before he left. Lieutenant Hamilton says thee is a small mill in the creek bottom, at which they get their grinding is a small mill in the creek bottom, at which they get their grinding done. They have it mostly done at night. They are scattered up and down the bottom about 15 miles, and that many beef heads had been recently found in the bottom were those brush men had killed them. The lieutenant also learned that 40 of Major Diamond's men came down thee last Sunday and were seen going into the same thicket, and that they have had bands of 8 or 10 men passing back and forth to White Rock regular for some time. Lieutenant states that he passed near enough their camp last night to see the smoke from eight or ten of their fires. I believe the lieutenant to be entirely reliable and a true, good man. I intend to make my arrangements to hit them a blow next Monday morning at daylight, owing to the stage of the moon.

I can only call detachments from the various companies, amounting to about 150 men, with which I shall make a forced march on Sunday night and be ready to make the strike at daybreak, and I wish you to order Colonel Martin to send what force he can from McKinney to meet me at the crossing of Big Elm Creek, on the road leading from McKinney to Denton, and about 6 miles east of Denton town. I wish him to throw what force he can to that place exactly at 10 o'clock Sunday night, where he will meet with a guide, who will lead him to my force, where we can come to an understanding as to a concert of action. Please request Colonel Martin to keep this matter entirely to himself. I would prefer he would come in command of what forces he is able to spare. I shall expect an answer.

I am, you obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Frontier.