War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0673 Chapter XLVI. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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Colonel Rigg's regiment, and five companies of the First Cavalry, California Volunteers, will be mustered out of service in July, August, September, and October of this year. I have already written twice on the subject of offering large bounties to the California troops to induce them to stay, but have had no reply to my letters. Even when the time was extended to the 1st instant to re-enlistment as veterans the order only came to these headquarters but a few days before the time expired. If immediate action should be had on this matter doubtless the majority of the California troops could be got to remain, and they have learned this country and are worth three times their numbers of any strangers who might be sent to take their places. I beg most earnestly that this may be seriously considered.

You may rely upon it, general, I will do the best I can to carry out your orders in all things. I think, however, that a movement such as I could make from this direction toward Texas will not have an effect commensurate with the cost, and that if I can block the road from Paso del Norte it will be as much as can prudently be done, having reference to demands made for troops in other parts of this extended department. To do this it is a sine quad non that I have the $300,000 in specie, or its equivalent, as above named, with which to buy food and forage in Chihuahua, and that some arrangements be made to secure the services of the troops whose time is about to expire, for to go to the expense of taking ground and then for want of men to give it up again would not be wise. I state the things as they are. If you were here upon the ground you would see embarrassments about which it would be tedious for you to read. I will do my best.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.




Santa Fe, N. Mex., December 2, 1863.

Brigadier General JOSEPH R. WEST,

U. S. Vols., Commanding Dist. of Arizona, Mesilla, N. Mex.

GENERAL: I have seen your estimates for subsistence stores for Tucson and Fort Bowie for six months, commencing on the 1st proximo. The chief quartermaster has written to Captain Archer about the transportation of supplies from Fort Yuma. If your arrangements shall be made to transport your supplies for the two posts named from Fort Yuma, you yourself will be able to determine whether you can have from that point supplies brought forward in time and in sufficient quantity for the wants of the garrisons of those posts. If these arrangements cannot be made, then you will make others to forward all necessary subsistence stores for these two posts from Las Cruces and Fort Craig. An abundance will be at Fort Craig to supply your whole district in case it shall so happen that you are delayed in getting subsistence stores from Fort Yuma, so that the whole matter can be determined by yourself. See my letter to you