War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0573 Chapter XLVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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FRANKLIN, LA., March 12, 1864.

(Received 11 p.m.)

Brigadier General C. P. STONE,

Chief of Staff:

The aggregate includes the troops now with Ransom, but not those at Berwick under Cameron's command, who will belong to Ransom when they arrive. They may amount to 2,500.




On Steamer Clara Bell, March 12, 1864.

In ascending Red River it is desirable that the steamers keep in close order, except in places where they are apt to foul crowding.

During the present expedition the following signals have been arranged between the army and navy, for the transports carrying the troops of the expedition, and will be followed strictly:

Signals for the transports: One long whistle, when tied up, to get under way; when under way, one long whistle means tie up or land; three whistles, close order; four whistles, open order; five whistles, want to communicate; six whistles, "Let me go ahead and reconnoiter;" one gun, the enemy in sight; two short whistles and then a long one, "I want assistance;" three short whistles and then a long one, "The enemy have a battery;" four whistles and then a long one, the troops will land; one gun and long whistle, "All clear; you can pass." The steamers will repeat the whistle.

By order of Brigadier General A. J. Smith:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


On Steamer Clara Bell, March 12, 1864.

The general commanding takes this opportunity to express to the troops of this command his positive disapproval of all unauthorized plundering, burning, or molesting in any manner any property of the residents of this country, whether loyal or disloyal. It results in subverting all discipline, demoralize both officers and men, lowers the morale of the army, weakens our effective force, and subjects the soldiers of the United States to the just approach that they are thieves and house-burners, warring upon women and children.

It is therefore that during this expedition, while marching, there shall be no straggling from the ranks, and all soldiers are positively forbidden to enter any house or building for any purpose whatever, unless under the immediate command of a commissioned officer, who shall be present and held responsible for his acts. No building or produce, or cotton must be burned or destroyed except under orders from these headquarters, and whosoever shall be found willfully setting fire to any building or property, or shall be convicted of having done so, in violation of the above order, shall suffer death. Whenever justice, or proper policy, or the exigencies of the service require that property should be taken or