War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0500 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter XLVI.

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ROLLA, MO., March 4, 1864.

Major BOND,

Aide-de-Camp, Saint Louis, MO.:

A large escort had to be sent with the enrolling officer, and I presume a larger one will be required to enforce the draft. I have not a single man to spare. Sometimes cannot even relieve my pickets for forty-eight hours.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF KANSAS, Fort Leavenworth, March 4, 1864.


GENTLEMEN: I find on my return from the Arkansas River your letter of the 12th ultimo, asking me to station troops--

Along the Santa Fe and Fort Scott roads, in sufficient numbers and at suitable points for the protection of the trade and travel upon both of these routes.

And after saying--

Our people, New Mexico and Southern Kansas, are dreading a repetition of the robberies and murders of the spring of 1863--

You add:

We respectfully ask that yo will give us such assurances of the protection of their and our interests within your department as will enable us to guarantee to our patrons entire safety of person and property.

In reply I can only assure you that I shall try to dispose of the forces of my command in such a way as will best protect life and property of every kind.

The commercial channels you name run through and near important settlements and towns and will therefore deserve and receive my special attention. But while we have war we may not secure the blessings of peace. The outrages committed on the unarmed and unoffending people of this department would disgrace savage or Sepoy warfare, and it is not surprising that the people of New Mexico and Southern Kansas are "dreading a repetition." It would be a disgrace to humanity and are age to have repeated the cowardly massacres of Baxter Springs and Lawrence. But who can give us assurances against such secret organizations, or who can determine the number and location of forces to "guarantee" safety and security against such inhuman barbarities? I can only exert my best judgment faithfully, and I promise you that my troops will do their best to prevent, repel, and avenge any repetition of the infernal raids upon the soil of Kansas or within my department.

I also confidently rely on your citizens and the troops of your department to cordially unite in these efforts, and with such a determination on both sides of the border, I know such things can be and will be prevented. You and I know where he vipers have assembled to arrange, organize, and project the fiendish assaults on the commercial channels and depots of this country, and you must perceive the necessity of watching the nests and destroying the eggs that hatch the demons that disgrace humanity.

I know that commercially you are great sufferers. Your beautiful and once prominent city has been paralyzed and impaired by the