War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0434 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter XLVI.

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Saint Louis, Mo., February 27, 1864.

As frequent applications are made to these headquarters by merchants and others for permission to keep fire-arms and ammunition for sale to loyal citizens, and the major-general commanding being advised that certain parties have been engaged in importing them into the department for sale, without due authority for the same, and selling them without restrictions as to persons purchasing, it is deemed advisable to adopt the following regulations under which the trade may be carried on, viz:

I. Merchants desiring to keep fire-arms and ammunition for sale to loyal citizens or soldiers in the service of the United States will apply for permission to the district commander, who is authorized to grant the said permission, provided he is perfectly satisfied of the loyalty and reliability of the applicant. If the applicant has not already taken and conformed to the oath of allegiance, he will be required to take and subscribe to said oath.

II. Having satisfied himself of the loyalty and reliability of the applicant, the district commander will then require him to give bond in the sum of $2,000, with two good loyal sureties, for the faithful performance of the following condition, viz: That he will not sell fire-arms or ammunition except to persons having written permission from the provost-marshal of the district to purchase. This permit to be authenticated by the signature of the provost-marshall and the district commander.

III. Permission to purchase will be given only to loyal citizens or soldiers who permanently reside within the district or are actually employed therein, and for such arms and ammunition as are reasonable and proper for the defense of family and property.

IV. District provost-marshals will be required to keep a book, in which will be recorded the names of all persons to whom permission to purchase has been given. The latter will be required to sign in this book a contract, binding themselves to keep fire-arms and ammunition for sale; also the name, age, and residence of all persons to whom permission to purchase has been given. The latter will be required to sign in this book a contract, building themselves to keep the arms they are permitted to purchase for their own defense and that of the Federal Union, and that they will not dispose of them under any circumstances until peace is restored throughout the United States.

V. District commanders and provost-marshals are charged with the execution of the foregoing, and will take immediate cognizance of all infractions of, or irregularities occurring under, the order. Purchases and sales not in accordance herewith are illegal, and will be punished as military offenses. In and for the district of Saint Louis, the provost-marshal-general of the department will perform the duties required hereinbefore to be performed by the district provost-marshal.

By command of Major-General Rosecrans:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Major O. D. GREENE, U. S. Army,

Assistant Adjutant-Admiral, Department of the Missouri:

MAJOR: I have the honor to return rolls, &c., of negroes employed at Pilot Knob, Mo., for building fortifications at that place. The