War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0338 LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Chapter XLVI.

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then escape while their arms were empty, which they did, with one exception. My company has nearly all been out ever since in pursuit of the rebels, and what progress they have made I have not learned. I have not heard one word from the lieutenant since he left. He has had some luck or sees some chance for some, I should think, or he would have been in before now.

And, general, if it should meet with your approbation, I should like to have some more help here, at least until I can get these devils killed or run out of this part of the country, for my business here I have to do keeps me too busy to have the time or the men too run them out when they have, from the best information that I can get, a force of somewhere between 40 and 60, and my company is too small to attend to the escorting we have to do and kill all of these cut-throats. Still, if on the other hand it does not suit you, you may depend I will do the best I can to get shut of that class of mankind, and if you should hear of some of them going the way of all the earth it need not surprise you, for they and my company cannot live in the same country, so they have to leave or make us leave, one or the other.

So no more until I hear form the scout and hear what it has done; if it does anything I will give you word of it.

Yours, truly,


Captain Company D, Eighth Cav., Mo. State Militia, Commanding


Springfield, February 15, 1864.

Colonel GRAVELY,

Commanding, Lebanon, Mo.:

Colonels Love, Freeman, and others are now on the east or north side of White River, with a force estimated at 1,000 men, with but little ammunition and supplies. A scout of 25 or 50 men should be kept well to the south as far as Hartville, in Wright County. I have 60 men in Douglas County, where Judge Waddle is attending court. They can communicate with each other if necessary.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

WAR DEPARTMENT, February 15, 1864.

Major-General CURTIS,

Fort Smith, Ark.:

Your telegram of the 10th is acknowledged, and you will receive instruction in regard to the proposed change in the boundaries of your department as soon as the subject is reported upon by the General-in-Chief. I am gratified to learn the complete organization of your department. General Davies will be assigned to your command. I hope that every success may attend your administration. Whatever support can be given by this Department you shall receive.


Secretary of War.