War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0317 Chapter XLVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.,

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ger in support of liberty. The bearers, C. W. Winn and Benjamin R. Bingham, are two young men of undaunted courage, and are as loyal as the planets, which time can never change from their course. They will be able to give you a great deal of information in regard to rebel movements in the State, also of this place.

Disposition of rebel troops in Texas: Bragg commands the Trans-Mississippi; Kirby Smith's headquarters at San Antonio; Magruder, Green, &c., on the line. Magruder's main line of base is from Galveston to Houston, with Velasco fortified. The main strength of his command is roughly estimated at from 12,000 to 15,000, sick, old, and lame. A great many of the men which he has on his line of base are without arms. He certainly has got a great many militia companies on the many creeks and settlements, on which the enemy depend considerably, but when it comes to a muster Magruder will not find them. I have talked to a man or men from nearly every county in the State. All agree to say that Magruder is whipping himself daily. These men came to this point hauling Government cotton, a good many of them crossing their teams into Mexico. Benavides' command of Mexicans are stationed about 16 miles from Laredo. His force is about 175 strong. At this point, Fort Duncan, there are two companies, Captain Weyman's and Captain Giddings', both about 130 strong. Above the Las Moras, or Fort Clark, there in one company of militia, 60 strong, commanded by Major Alexander (a militia hangman). The orderly sergeant and 1 private left it at the Pedro Pinto; passed through here on the way to Brownsville to join the Federal army. He showed me the roll of the company. There are a great many men in it that belong to Union companies, but it is very difficult for such companies to organize until after and advance of the Federal army.

Colonel Ford is at San Antonio, and has got four or five cavalry companies there, ranging from within 15 to 20 miles of the city. They do nothing but scout the country to prevent Union men from organizing. At Fort Inge there are about 40 men for the same purpose. Those are the only commands that I know of being in the State, and for the present it is a true report n relation to their strength, excepting the main force under Magruder. After taking the figures of twenty reports, all from reliable gentleman, I took average, which showed not 12,000 men. These gentleman are from San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. A forward movement of the Federal army is anxiously, fervently, and hourly prayed for by at least two-thirds of the inhabitants of the State. Such would relieve many a lamenting wife, mother, and child, whose husbands, &c., are hunted through the mesquites and cedars of Texas, more than ever the wild mustang has been on the western prairie slopes of Texas. General Kirby Smith writes to Captain Hunter, who is a partner in business with him, as follows:

After mature deliberation in relation to the intentions and movements of the Federals, I have come to this conclusion: They will first try to reduce Galveston, then Houston, and on to the capital, while a sufficient force will advance from the Rio Grande to occupy San Antonio.

This I have from a gentleman who read the letter, and who I know is as firm as the granite which is 50,000 feet under the earth. I cannot mention his name, fearing this may fall into the hands of the Confederates and thereby censure his family. The rebels report General Carleton, from New Mexico, to be stationed at Fort Lancaster, about 5,000 strong. Rebel Alexander said to his men at Pedro