War of the Rebellion: Serial 062 Page 0192 Chapter XLVI. LOUISIANA AND THE TRANS-MISSISSIPPI.

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kill hogs or cattle will be tried promptly by a field officer and fined it value, at least, on his pay account. All stock required shall be killed under order and properly accounted for, and any commanding officer who may find it necessary to kill beef or pork will do so under proper regulations, issuing what is right and accounting for it correctly to the proper disbursing officer at Fort Gibson. His failure to do so will render him personally liable for the amount taken without compliance with this order.

III. There shall be no stock taken without orders, and all taken shall be immediately reported and the parties ordering it taken held accountable for its being put regularly in the hands of the proper officer.

IV. No picket or other guard, while the command is on the march, shall make fire without permission.

V. All officers knowing to the fact of any man of their command leaving the command, or deserting their comrades whilst on the march before the enemy, will make it their special duty to prefer charges against them and see that they are arrested, to the end that they be shot as deserters.

VI. These orders and the printed circular issued shall be read every day while the command is on the march. This order shall be interpreted to the men each day.

By order of Colonel William A. Phillips, commanding:


First Lieutenant, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

Abstract from returns of the Department of the Gulf, Major General N. P. Banks, U. S. Army, commanding, for the month of January, 1864.

Present for Pieces of

duty. artillery.

Comman Office Men. Aggreg Aggreg Heavy. Field. Headq

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presen presen rs.

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Genera 33 59 123 159 ...... ...... New

l Orlea

headqu ns,

arters La.






Headqu 8 ...... 8 15 ...... ...... New

arters Orlea



First 211 4,009 4,747 6,522 2 10 India

Divisi nola,

on Tex.

Second 178 3,077 3,910 6,321 ...... 10 On

Divisi the

on and Rio

attach Grand

ed e.



Third 160 3,345 4,002 5,375 ...... 10 Madis

Divisi onvil

on and le,

attach La.




Fourth 193 3,066 3,812 7,314 ...... 16 Decro

Divisi w's

on. Point

, La.

Total 750 13,497 16,479 25,547 2 46










Ninete 196 4,393 5,394 7,253 8 12 Frank

enth lin,

Army La.




Cavalr 201 4,479 5,699 7,779 ...... 6 New

y Orlea

Divisi ns.


Engine ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... New

er Orlea

Brigad ns.



*Exclusive of the troops accounted for in the Defenses of New Orleans and District of Baton Rouge and La Fourche.

+The headquarters and First, Third, and Fourth Brigades. The other troops accounted for at Port Hudson and with the Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps.

++Accounted for in Defenses of New Orleans and with Second Division, Thirteenth Army Corps.