War of the Rebellion: Serial 060 Page 1150 OPERATIONS IN N. C., VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLV.

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[Numbers 11.]-JOINT RESOLUTION of thanks to the division commanded by Major-General Rodes.

Teh Congress of the Confederate States of America, having learned that the division of troops commanded by Major-General Rodes have re-enlisted for the war, do-

Resolve, That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby tendered, to the officers and troops commanded by Major-General Rodes for the patriotism exhibited by them in re-enlisting for the war, as well as for the gallantry they have always displayed upon the field of battle; and they are assured that their country will always bear in grateful remembrance the noble of her need.

Resolved further, That the President be requested to communicate these resolutions to General Rodes and the officers and troops under his command.

Approved February 6, 1864.

[Numbers 12.]-JOINT RESOLUTION of thanks to Bring. General S. D. Ramseur's brigade of North Carolina troops for tendering their services for the war.

Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby cordially tendered, to the gallant brigade of North Carolina troops commanded by Brigadier General S. D. Ramseur, in the Army of Northern Virginia, for their devoted patriotism in unanimously offering their valuable service to the Confederacy for the war, after having already signalized their patriotic zeal, fortitude, and valor on many fields of battle and in many scenes of trial.

Approved February 6, 1864.



February 7, 1864.

I. The attention of the army has already been called to the obligation of a proper observance of the Sabbath, but a sense of its importance, not only as a moral and religious duty, but as contributing to the personal health and well-being of the troops, induces the commanding general to repeat the orders on that subject. he has learned with great pleasure that in many brigades convenient houses of worship have been erected, and earnestly desires that every facility consistent with the requirements of discipline shall be afforded the men to assemble themselves together for the purpose of devotion.

II. To this end he directs that none but duties strictly necessary shall be required to be performed on Sunday, and hat all labor, both of men and animals, which it is practicable to anticipate or postpone, or the immediately performance of which is not essential to the safety, health, or comfort of the army, shall be suspended on that day.

III. Commanding officers will require the usual inspections on Sunday to be held at such time as not to interfere with the attendance of the men on divine service at the customary hour in the morning. They also will give their attention to he maintenance of order and quiet around the places of worship, and prohibit anything that may tend to disturb or interrupt religious exercises.

R. E. LEE,