War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0844 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Giltner's brigade (April 26), Colonel Giltner, Fourth Kentucky Regiment, commanding: Composed nominally of the Fourth and Tenth Kentucky Regiments, First, Second, and Tenth Kentucky Battalions, and Sixth and Seventh Confederate Battalions; but that part which formed Hodge's brigade has never joined the other regiments, and no report of the whole as a brigade has ever been made up. After much riding I was only able to see the Fourth Kentucky Regiment, which I was informed was in better condition than the rest.

Fourth Kentucky Regiment Cavalry, Lieutenant-Colonel Pryor commanding; Only seven companies present; there on picket. Present at inspection, officers, 277 men. Company and battalion drills rear; officers apparently not well acquainted with tactics. No school of tactics in the regiment. No enlisted men, who went off on furlough, remain absent without leave. Clothing bad, especially the pantaloons. Only 3 men without shoes; none without blankets. Nineteen men dismounted. Horses in low order; not able to make a needed; 19 disabled. Saddles, 58 bad, principally Jenifer; the rest generally McClellan. Forage, average issue per animal last quarter, 8 pounds corn, 4 pounds hay. Since 1st April 6 pounds of corn and little or no hay. Arms, enfield, Springfield, and short Richmond rifles, rusty; one company with sabers.

Report as to other subjects the same as for Jones' brigade. The regiemtn was bivouacked 16 miles west of the salt-works, in Russell county.


Lieutenant Colonel, Asst. General, on Inspection Duty.



By direction of General Bragg, respectfully submitted ot Adjutant-General, calling his attention to bad condition of Vaughn's command. It should be dismounted,a nd he be sent ot some disciplinarian or left out of assignment.


Colonel and Military Secretary.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.]

Giltner's brigade--Fourth and Tenth Regiments Kentucky, First and Second Kentucky battalions, sixth and Seventh Confederate Battalions, Tenth Kentucky Battalion. Of hate battalion commanders I know nothing, except Major Chenoweth, Tenth Battalion, who is a fair officer. Giltner is efficient. His regiemtn (Fourth) is good. consolidation of small commands necessary,a nd been recommenced. Horses, so far as I have seen, are fully fair; many of them fine, but going down for want of forage. Arms pretty good. Clothing and accouterments poor. Horse equipments only tolerable. The Jenifer saddle is worse than worthless, as it is impossible to use it with any horse without ruining the back. There is great want of military information among all the officers; some in all the brigades. One squadron left on Hulston. The First and Second Kentucky, the Sixth and Seventh Confederate Battalions in Kentucky. The rest going to TAzewell County, Va.