War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0722 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Major General SIMON B. BUCKNER.

Jenkins' Brigade.

1st South Carolina, Colonel James R. Hagood.

2nd South Carolina Rifles, Colonel Thomas Thomson.

5th South Carolina, Colonel A. Coward.

6th South Carolina, Colonel John Bratton.

Palmetto Sharpshooters, Colonel Joseph Walker.

Benning's Brigade.

2nd Georgia, Colonel Edgar M. Butt.

15th Georgia, Colonel Dudley M. Du Bose.

17th Georgia, Colonel Wesley C. Hodges.

20th Georgia, Colonel James D. Waddell.

Anderson's Brigade.

7th Georgia, Colonel W. W. White.

8th Georgia, Colonel John R. Towers.

9th Georgia, Colonel Benjamin Beck.

11th Georgia, Colonel Francis H. Little.

59th Georgia, Colonel Jack Brown.

Gregg's Brigade.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Van H. Manning.

1st Texas, Colonel A. T. Rainey.

4th Texas, Colonel J. C. G. Key.

5th Texas, Colonel R. M. Powell.


Brigadier General BUSHROD R. JOHNSON.

Johnson's Brigade.

17th and 23rd Tennessee, Colonel R. H. Keeble.

25th and 44th Tennessee, Colonel John S. Fulton.

63rd Tennessee, Colonel Abraham Fulkerson.

Gracie's Brigade.

41st Alabama, Colonel Martin L. Stansel.

43rd Alabama, Colonel Young M. Moody.

59th Alabama, Colonel Bolling Hall, jr.

60th Alabama, Colonel John W. A. Sanford.

23rd Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters, Major Nicholas Stallworth.

Law's Brigade.

4th Alabama, Colonel Pinckney D. Bowles.

15th Alabama, Colonel William C. Oates.

44th Alabama, Colonel William F. Perry.

47th Alabama, Colonel Michael J. Bulger.

48th Alabama, Colonel Jamees L. Sheffield.


Major General ROBERT RANSOM, Jr.


Brigadier General WILLIAM E. JONES.

Jones' Brigade.

8th Virginia, Colonel James M. Corns.

21st Virginia, Colonel William E. Peters.

34th Virginia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Vinson A. Witcher.

36th Virginia Battalion, Major Jamees W. Sweeney.

37th Virginia Battalion, Major James R. Claiborne.

Hodge's Brigade.

6th Confederate Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel A. L. McAfee.

7th Confederate Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Clarence J. Prentice.

1st Kentucky Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Ezekiel F. Clay.

2nd Kentucky Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Johnson.

27th Virginia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Henry A. Edmundson.


* Composition of Wharton's and Jackson's brigades not given.