War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0706 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Report of regiment Reserve Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Hallonquist, & c. - Cont'd.


Names of officers. When ente- Whence. Rank entered.

red C. S.



battalion - Cont'd

Second Lieutenant April 1, Georgia Sergeant,

James R. Rice 1862. Palmer's


Captain R. W. April 1, Georgia Lieutenant,

Anderson 1862. Dawson's


Lieutenant Henry April 1, Georgia Private,

S. Greaves 1862. Dawson's


Second Lieutenant April 1, Georgia Do.

R. H. Brown 1862.

Second Lieutenant Aapr. 1, Georgia Do.

Willis G. Allen 1862.



Captain William June 22, Virginia Captain,

C. Jeffress 1861 Jeffress'


Lieutenant June 22, Virginia Lieutenant,

Bernard H. Todd 1861. Jeffress'


Lieutenant Edwin June 22, Virginia Private,

W. Jones 1861 Jeffress'


Second Lieutenant June 22, Virginia Sergeant,

Atwell W. 1862 Jeffress'

Robertson battery.

Second Lieutenant June 22, Virginia Do.

Samuel B. Wingo 1862

Captain Reuben F. Feb. 9, Alabama Sergeant,

Kolb 1861 battery.

Lieutenant Robert Feb. 9, Alabama Do.

Cherry 1861

Lieutenant F. P. Feb. 9, Alabama Do.

Powers 1861

Second Lieutenant Feb. 9, Alabama Second

Robert Flournoy 1861 lieutenant,


Second Lieutenant Feb. 9, Alabama Private,

W. Y. Johnston 1861 battery.

Captain Put. April 3, Mississippi Do.

Darden 1861.

Lieutenant H. W. April 3, Mississippi Do.

Bullen 1861

Second Lieutenant July --, Mississippi Do.

F. W. Coleman 1861

Second Lieutenant April 13, Mississippi Do.

C. B. Richardson 1861



Captain Winslow May 6, 1861 Alabama Private, Sixth

D. Emery Alabama


Lieutenant Thomas May 15, Alabama Sergeant, Sixth

J. Bates 1861 Alabama


Lieutenant May 15, Alabama Private, Sixth

Archibald H. Burch 1861 Alabama


Second Lieutenant May 15, Alabama Do.

M. M. Allen 1861

Second Lieutenant May 15, Alabama Do.

Robert H. Boykin 1861

Captain Richard May 15, Alabama Do.

H. Bellamy 1861

Lieutenant May 15, Alabama Do.

Francis A. O'Neal 1861

Lieutenant R. M. May 15, Alabama Do.

Harvey 1861.

Second Lieutenant Feb. 26, Alabama Do.

J. T. Holland 1862

Second Lieutenant Aug. 15, Alabama Do.

Thomas W. Crowder 1861

Names of Names of battles What expe- Occasion of

officers. in which engaged. rience had promotion.

of artillery

Lieutenant First bombardment Graduate U. Appointed

Colonel James of Sumter and Vic- S. Military major; pro-

H. Hall- ksburg, Shiloh, Academy; moted April

onquist. Perryville, Mur- artillery 7, 1862.

freesborough, duty since.

Chickamauga, Mi-

ssionary Ridge.

Major Felix First bombardment Since the Appointed

H. Robertson. of Sumter and Fort beginning of June 29,

Pickens, Shiloh, the war on 1863.

Farmington, Mur- arty, duty.


Chickamauga, Mis-

sionary Ridge.

Major Samuel First bombardment Graduate U. Appointed

C. Williams. of Sumter, Kern- S. Military December,

stown, Perryville, Academy; 1862.

Chickamauga. artillery

duty since.

Major James Richmond Ky., Captain of Appointed

F. Waddell. Baker's Creek, artillery April, 1863.

siege of Vicksburg January 7,




Captain Farmington, Perry- Since entr- Raised a

Charles L. ville, Chickama- ance into battery.

Lumsden. uga, and retreat service.

from Missionary


Lieutenant Perryville, ...do... Election.

Ebene-zer H. Chickamauga, and

Hargrove. retreat from Mi-

ssionary Ridge.

Second Farmington, Perry- ...do... Skill and

Lieutenant A. ville, Murfrees- gallantry at

C. Hargrove. borough, Chicka- Perryville

mauga, and retreat and Chicka-

from Missionary mauga.


Captain Elk Horn, Murf- ...do... Raised a

Overton W. reesborough, and battery.

Barret. Chickamauga.

Lieutenant Elk Horn, Since entra- Election.

William Brown. Perryville, Chick- nce into C.

amauga, and Missi- S. service.

onary Ridge.

Second Carthage, Dry ...do... Do.

Lieutenant Wood, Lexington,

Isaiah Oak Hill, Perry-

Lightener. ville, Murfrees-

borough, Chicka-

mauga, and Missi-

onary Ridge.

Second ...do... ...do... Skill and

Lieutenant G. gallantry at

W. Orear. Murfreesbo-