War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0699 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Report of Major Alfred R. Country, &c.-Continued.


Batt Whe By When. What Losses-when, where, and how.

erie re whom serv

s. fro raise ice

m. d. seen


Alab Ala Capta May From Shiloh-15 killed and wounded

ama . a in 4, May and 1 gun lost;

Stat H. W. '61 4, Murfreesborough-23 killed and

e Ketch '61. wounded, Chickamauga-3 men

Arti um. wounded; Missionary Ridge-2

ller wounded and 10 captured, 1 gun

y. and 1 wagon lost. Lost horses

in all the actions except

Chickamauga, but do not


Dent Ala Capta Decem Sinc Shiloh-2 men killed and 17

's in ber e wounded, and 23 horses killed;l

F. H. 21, Dece Farmington-1 man wounded and 3

Rober '61 mber horses lost; Murfreesborough-2

tson. 21, men killed, 23 wounded, and 26

1861 horses lost, and 1 caisson;

. Chickamauga-3 men killed, 19

wounded, 1 officer wounded, and

20 horses lost; Missionary

Ridge-7 men killed, 1 officer

and 20 men wounded and

captured, 5 guns lost, 2

caissons and 35 horses lost.

Re-equipments received Present armament.

Batteries 3-inch 12- 6- Cai 10- 3- 12-

. rifles. pound poun sso pound inch pou

er der. ns. er rifl nde

Napol Parro es. r

eon ts. how




Douglas' ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Alabama 2 ... ... 4 2 2 ...



... 1 2 ... ... ... 2


Batter 12- 6- Ca To Agg Agg Condition.

ies. pounde pou is ta reg reg

r nde so l ate ate

hovitz r. ns ef pre pre

ers. . fe sen sen

ct t. t

iv and

e. abs



Dougla 2 2 4 76 92 102 Good, except

s' b. carriages, which

are bad.

Alabam ... ... 4 79 94 123 Two carriages

a unserviceable.



ery c.

Dent's ... 2 4 82 110 136 Good, except

d. harness, which is

old and much worn.

a Mobile.

b The re-equipments put down only include those recently received. Equipments complete.

c The guns named were old guns taken from the companies which were broken up after Missionary Ridge losses on account of inability to re-equip them. Equipments complete.

d Equipments complete.


1. No disease and but little vermin among the animals of this battalion, and sulphur, grease, and tobacco have been used to eradicate these so far as has been possible to procure the medicines.

2. Forage has been generally plentiful, as also other supplies from the quartermaster's department. Most of the essential supplies from the ordnance department have been recently promptly furnished, but have found it impossible to get some articles, such as guns, harness-oil, leather, tarpaulins. All officers attend stablecalls, feeding, and grooming, and there is no improper use of animals, except that the officers of Douglas' battery are mounted on Government horses. They have, however, asked permission to purchase horses from the Government, being unable otherwise to get them.