War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0698 Chapter XLIV. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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Report of Major Alfred R. Courney, &c. -Continued.


Bat Names When Whe Rank Names of What Occasi

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Dou Secon July Tex Priva In all of In the Promot

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s' Lieut '61 except since, electi

enant Murfreesbor July, on

W. J. ough and 1861 as Septem

Sande Ringgold. an ber 5,

rs. artille 1862.




Gar Capta May Ala Serge Shiloh, In For

rit in 4, .a ant' Farmington, artille gallan

y's James '61 major Munfordvill ry try at

Garri . e, service Murfre

ty. Murfreesbor since ssboro

ough, Chick May, ugh,

1864. Januar

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First May Ala Corpo In all of ..do.. Do.

Lieut 4, . ral. last above

enant '61 except

Phili Farmington.



First May Ala Priva In same as ..do.. Do.

Lieut 4, . te. Captain

enant '61 Garrity

Mayna expect

rd A. Shiloh and

Hasse Missionary

ll. Ridge.

Secon May Ala ...do In same as ..do.. Electe

d 4, . ... Captain d

Lieut '61 Garrity Februa

enant except ry,

J. Missionary 1864.

Lyons Ridge.


Den Capta Feb. Ala First Pensacola, In Assign

t's in 28, . lieut Shiloh, artille ed as

S. H. '61 b. enant Farmington, ry first

Dent. infan Chickamauga service lieute

try., and Decembe nant

Missionary r, and

Ridge. 1861. promot

ed as


n June



First Feb. Mis Priva Pensacola, In Appoin

Lieut 8, s. te. Shiloh, artille ted

enant '61 c. Farmington, ry first

H. H. and service lieute

Richa Murfreesbor since nant

rdson ough. Februar May 5,

. y, 1862.


First April Fla Serge Shiloh, In Appoin

Lieut 4, . ant. Farmington, artille ted

enant '61 d. Murfressbor ry first

W. T. ough, and since lieute

Stock Chickamauga Decembe nant

son. . r, June,

1861. 1862.

Secon Feb. Ala Priva Pensacola, In Appoin

d 28, . te. Shiloh, artille ted

Lieut '61 b. Farmington, ry second

enant Murfreesbor service lieute

D. L. ough, Februar nant

South Chickamauga y, August

wicke, 1861.,

. e Missionary 1863.


Secon Apr Fla ...do ...do... In Do.

d 4, . ... artille

Lieut '61 d. ry

G. B. service

Zeigl since

er. decembe



a Mobile.

b Eufaula.

c Natchez

d Quincy.

e Captured at Missionary Ridge, and is now a prisoner on Johnston;'s Island.


Batteri Wh By whom When. What Losses-when, where, and

es. er raised. servic how.

e e

fr seen.



Douglas Te Captain July From Elk Horn-1 man killed,

' x. J. J. 2, 61 Elk 15 wounded, 22 horses

Good. Horn. killed, and 1 caisson

lost; Richmond, Ky. 1

officer and 2 men killed

and same number wounded,

and 2 horses killed;

Murfreesborough-1 man

wounded; Chickamauga-1

horses killed;

Missionary Ridge-1 man

wounded and 1 prisoner.