War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0697 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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1. Regimental and battalion commanders, when, whence, and with what rank they entered the Confederate service; in what battles they have been; what experience had of artillery service; occasion of proportion.

2. Battery officers, similar particulars.

3. Any of whether grade inefficient or conspicuously deserving promotion.

II. Respecting batteries.

1. Name, where, when, by whom raised; what service seen.

2. Any losses experienced in men, horses, guns, transportation,

equipments; when, where, how.

3. Re-equipments received.

4. Present armament, strength, equipment, and condition.

III. Respecting evils to be remedied.

1. Any disease or vermin among animals; what steps taken.

2. Any failure of supplies, extra hard service, neglect by officers of stable-call feeding watering, and grooming, improper use of animals.

IV. Respecting wants to be supplied.

1. Of officers to complete organization.

2. Of horses to make each battery efficient.

3. Of guns sufficient powerful.

4. Of harness and other equipments.

5. Of good ammunition.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, C. S. Artillery.

[Sub-inclosure Numbers 2.[

Report of Major Alfred R. Country* resection his battalion of artillery, in response to General W. N. Pendleton's interrogatories.


Bat Names When Whe Rank Names of What Occa

ter of entere nce ente battles in experi sion

ies officer d . red. which engaged. ence of

. s. servic had of prom

e. artill otio

ery. n.

Dou Captain July Tex Firs Elk Horn, In the Prom

gla James 2, '61 . t Ark., servic oted

s' P. lieu Richmond, Ky., e by

Douglas tena Murfresborough since elec

. nt., Chickamauga, July, tion

Missionary 1861, May,

Ridge, and as an 1862

Ringgold Gap. artill .




First July Tex Priv Same battles, ..do.. Do.

Lieuten 2, '61 . ate. except

ant Ringgold Gap.

John H.



First July Tex Serg Richmond, ..do.. Prom

Lieuten 2, '61 . eant Murfreesboroug oted

ant majo h, by

Benjami r. Chickamauga, elec

n and Missionary tion

Hardin. Ridge. Augu




Second July Tex Priv Same as ..do.. Prom

Lieuten 2, '61 . ate. Douglas' oted

ant M. except elec

L. Ringgold. tion

Fleishl Sept

. embe

r 5,



* Major A. R. Courtney entered the Confederate States service May 11, 1862, form Henricop Country Va., as second lieutenant of artillery. Has been in the battles of Cross Keys, Port Republic, Cold and Harbor, Malvern Hill, Cedar Run, Second Manassas, Harper;s Ferry, Sharpsburg, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge. Severed in light artillery since May 11, 1861. Promoted July 14, 1862, for meritorious conduct at Cross Keys and before Richmond, Va.