War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0689 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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mand, each to have its own ordnance officer and its own quartermaster. The movement of these to be regulated by the chief of ordnance, and in special cases by the corps and artillery commanders.

VI. There will be with the general chief of artillery an ordnance officer, as chief of ordnance for the artillery, through whew, under the chief of artillery, the artillery ordnance service will be conducted, and with each of the senior sub-commanders, also, or ordnance officer having charge of the ordnance service for the command.


Report of Major M. Smith, Commanding artillery, Hardee's corps.


Entered the Confederate


Commanders. When. Whenc With what In battles of-

e. rank.

Major July 1 Ala a Captain Belmonth, Shiloh,

Melancthon '61 of light Perryville,

Smith artillery Chickamauga,

. Missionary Ridge.

Major March - Ga.. First Carrick's Ford,

Joseph,'61 lieutenan Greenbrier,

Palmer.. t of perryville.

infantry. Elizabethtown,

Muldraugh's Hill

(Nos. 1 and 2),

Noland's Ferry,

Rolling Fork, and


Captain Aug.- Ga.. Sergeant Cumberland gap,

Max Van Den,'61 of Tazewell, Warrenton

Corput. artillery (gun-boat fleet),

. Baker's Creek,

Vicksburg, Lookout

Mountain, Missionary


First Aug.- Ga.. Private Cumberland Gap,

Lieutenant,'61 of tazewell, Vicksburg,

Meshack L. artillery missionary Ridge.

McWhorter. .

Second Aug.- Ga.. ...do... Cumberland Gap,

Lieutenant,'61 Warenton, Baker's

William S. Creek, Vicksburg,

Hoge. Missionary Ridge.

Second Aug.- Ga.. Sergeant Cumberland Gap,

Lieutenant,'61 of Warrenton, Tazewell,

John E. artillery Baker's Creek,

Stillwell. . Vicksburg, Lookout

Mountain Missionary


Second Aug.- Ga.. ...do... Cumberland Gap,

Lieutenant,'61 Warrenton, Tazewell.

William A.


Captain .... ... ......

John. B.


First .... ... ......


William L.


Second .... ... ......


Thomas D.


Second .... ... ......


James W.


Captain L. June- Tenn Private Belmont, Perryville,

G.,'61 of Murfreesborough,

Marshall. artillery Lookout Mountain,

. Chickamagua.

First May- Tenn Private Belmost, Perryville,

Lieutenant,'61 of Murfreesborough,

James M. infantry. Chickamauga, Cheat

Cockrill. Mountain.

Second Aug.- Tenn Private Shiloh. Perryville,

Lieutenant,'61 of Murfreesborough,

A. T. artillery Chickamagua,

Watson. . Missionary Ridge.

Second June- Tenn Private Belmont, Perryville,

Lieutenant,'61 of Murfreesborough,

Finis E. infantry. Lookout Mountain

White. Chickamauga.

Major Jun- Va.. First Farmington, Corinth

Lewellyn,'61 Lieutenan (skirmish),

Hoxton. t, C. S. Perryville,

Army. Murfresborough,

Missionary Ridge.

Captain Jan.- Fla.. First Chickamauga.

Robert P.,'62 lieutenan

McCants. t P. A.

C. S.

First Jan.- Fla.. Sergeant Richmond, Kyt.,

Lieutenant,'62 of Chickamagua,

Thomas J. artillery Missionary Ridge.

Perry. .

First March - Fla.. Private Do.

Lieutenant '61 of

Andrew J. infantry.


Second May 14, Fla.. Private Richmond, Ky.

Lieutenant '62 of

James C. artillery

Davis. .

Captain April Miss. Private Belmonth, Shiloh,

William B. 24, '61 of Perryville,

Turner. infantry. Murfreesborough,


Missionary Ridge.

First Lieut April Ala.. Second Belmonth, Shiloh,

Chandler S. 23, '61 lieutenan Perryville,

Smith. t of Murfreesborough,

infantry. Chickamauga.

Second April Miss. Sergeant Belmont, Shiloh,

Lieutenant 24, '61 of Perryville,

W. W. infantry. Chickamauga,

Henry. Missionary Ridge.

Second April Miss. ...do... Shiloh, Perryville,

Lieutenant 24, '61 Murfreesborough, and

B. T. Leesburg (as

Harman. private).

a State service.