War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0688 CHAP[.XLIV. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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A list of the field officers of the Corps of Artillery, Provisional Army, C. S., on duty in the Army of Tennessee [March 29, 1864].

Field officers. State. Date of Remarks.


Colonel R. F. Va.... Feb. 24, 1864 Commanding regiment

Beckham...... Hood's corps.

Lieutenant S. C... April 7, Commanding regiment

Colonel J. H. 1862 Reserve Artillery.


Lieutenant Va... July 11, 1863 Hood's corps.

Colonel J. W.


Major W. C. S. C... April 2, Inspector of

Preston..... 1862 artillery Army of


Major M. Smith. Ala... Aug. 26, 1862 Commanding regiment

of artillery

Hardee's corps.

Major A. R. Va.... July 14, 1862 Commanding battalion

Courtney...... of artillery Hood's


Major J. S. C... Oct. 13, 1862 Commanding battalion

Palmer.. f artillery hardee's


Major J. Tenn... Jan. 7, 1863 Commanding battalion

Eldridge. of artillery Hood's


Major S. C. Ga... Feb.-, 1863 Commanding battalion

Williams....... Reserve Artillery.

Major J. F. Ala... April 1, Do.

Waddell........ 1863

Major J. Va... April -, 1863 Commanding battalion

Hoxton......... Hardee's corps.

Major T. R. Miss... May-, 1863 Do.


Major John La.... June 3, 1863 On duty with Major-

Rawle. General Wheeler.

Major F. H. Tex... June 29, 1863 Commanding battalion

Robertson...... Reserve Artillery.

Major R. S. C... Aug.-, 1863 Commanding battalion

Martin.. Hardee's corps.



Numbers -.

Toward securing alike the efficiency of the artillery and its thorough co-operation with other arms, it will in this army be regulated as follows:

I. As a distinct arm of service, with its own proper organization, it will be administered through the general chief of artillery, who represent for this arm the commanding general. All reports, requisitions, &c., will be made through him. On the field he will also have general supervision of the artillery service, and spacial command wherever the commanding general may direct. He will be assisted in his duties by an appropriate staff.

II. The battalion, to consist of three batteries each, will be grouped in three commands, each of which will have two commanders, a senior and junior, and a staff consisting of a quartermaster, a commissary, and an adjutant, and as a surgeon the senior medical officer serving with the command. Two of these commands will serve respectfully with the two army corps, and will consist of as many battalions as there are divisions in the corps. The third will constitute a general reserve; not to remain in the rear for service remotely contingent, but to be always at hand and ready for the most active operations on any part of the front as exigency may require.

III. The artillery command operating with the army corps will also, at any time, make to the corps commanders such reports as they may require, and receive from them such orders, not conflicting with the views of the commanding general, as they may deem necessary. This will especially be the case on the march and in action.

IV. Battalions marching or operating with certain division will draw rations from the trans of those divisions. The reserve, or any artillery not thus attached, must have its own supply wagons or draw from the general train.

V. Beside the general reserve ordnance train for the army, the artillery ordnance will be collected in three train, one for each com-