War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0635 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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I find also in other instances persons from the South going through the country proclaiming the Southern Confederacy as played out; was nothing by a military despotism; that Bragg's men would not fight without they were paid in greenbacks. These were the disloyal expressions of one G. W. Hunt, a brother of Major W. R. Hunt, C. S. Army, who was purchasing hogs, he said, for the use of troops at Selma at 25 cents per pound. This from a person of his standing and connection is of great injury to our cause.

it is reported to me that a Major Pleasants has been engaged in sending cotton to Memphis as the property of the Confederate States and speculating upon its returns, and that a Colonel Dickins, who claims to be in the C. S. Army, has also been engaged in the contraband trade.

The evidences of these reports can be obtained at Panola, and the names of all who have been or are engaged in trade with the enemy may be procured at the different ferries upon the Colwater River. The counties west and north of Columbus are filled with deserters and robbers, who are devastating the country of horses and mules. many claim to be impressing officers, but are with few exceptions irresponsible persons; and around the country from the tallahatchie to Memphis are organized bands of men acting, they say, under authority of the War Department, but having no such authority, who are living upon the people upon the plea of being soldiers and then stealing every available horse, mule, or hog they can lay hands upon.

A captain Bobo has a company of this description, and Colonels Price and Collins have been depredating upon the people in like manner, and, as they report, under the same authority. In many cases these men of Bobo's have taken the cotton and supplies of people, and themselves sold it upon the lines for their own use and benefit, and in one instance levied a contribution of $900 upon one Houhton. This was done by a part under a Sergeant English, but most of the depredations have been upon the unprotected families of soldiers, whose natural guardians are battling for their country's cause while these deserters are preying upon their families.

Mr. M. F. Davis, of calhoun County, can point out the whereabouts of the deserters of that county. He lives near Bond's hat manufactory. Colonel Ben. Bedford, of Panola County, can give the localities of those in that county. He lives 5 miles south of Senatobia. I herewith append a list of Federal spies who are frequently in the South and within our lines: Miss Dora Slaughter, lives in Shanghai. Boyt, lives in Nonconnah Bottom, on west side, and on Hernando plank road. John Hunt, deserter from C. S. Army, lives 1 mile north of Horn Lake road, on old plank road. Whithey, lives 1 1/2 miles north of Shanghai and one-half mile west of Hernando plank road. Hunter, lives near Whitney, on railroad. Ordam, deserter from C. S. Army, in a company commanded by Cartwright, a notorious robber and spy, and lives near same place. Widow Calhoun and mother, lives in Shanghai. Widow Kinsley, from Vicksburg, at large. Steel, lives on edge of Conconnah Bottom, 1 mile east of Hernando plank road. William Alaman, deserter from C. S. Army - says he escaped from Mobile after stabbing the guard - lives on Ben. Bedford, jr's, place, near Horn Lake. Mrs. ferris and Black, frequently in the South, live in Memphis. Joe and John Payne, live near Fort Pickering. Tom and Joe Sellers, live near same place. A list of these names has been given by me to General Forrest.