War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0539 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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prisoners, and the other, when receipted by the officer in command of the camp, will be returned to the provost-marshal who forwarded the prisoners. A full record will be kept of the prisoners thus turned over, and the receipted roll will then be forwarded direct to the Commissary-General of Prisoners at Washington, D. C., with a letter of transmittal, a copy of which will be kept on file.

Officers in charge of prisoners en route to the camps in the North will received written instructions as to what is required of them, and they must be particularly directed to note all changes that may occur among their prisoners until they are turned over; if any die, are left sick in hospital, or escape, the fact must be noted in the column of remarks opposite their names.

When prisoners of war are forwarded from one post to another, a note will be made on the rolls that accompany them that "no copy has been sent to the Commissary-General of Prisoners," and it shall be the duty of the provost-marshal having them in charge last, previous to sending them to the camp for rebel prisoners, to forward the rolls to Washington, and he will be held accountable for any omission. A copy of the roll of prisoners as forwarded to the Commissary-General of Prisoners, with the alterations noted on it, will be sent to this office. No other rolls of prisoners will be required here, but in the letter of transmittal accompanying the semi-monthly reports the number of prisoners passing through their offices will be stated.


The oath of allegiance will be administrated to all deserters from the rebel army as soon as they have been examined by the commander of the division or detached brigade nearest to place of surrender. They will not be permitted to run at large near the lines, but when practicable will be forwarded North, or may be employed in the rear of our lines in the quartermaster or engineer departments as provided for by General Orders, No. 10, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, December 12, 1863. Particular attention is called to this order and to General Orders, No. 64, War Department, present series, as covering the whole subject of the disposition to be made of deserters.

Rolls of deserters will be forwarded to this office with the usual semi-monthly reports; in the column of remarks must be stated what disposition was made of the men.


A correct report must be made of all property seized, which will be headed, "Semi-monthly report of property seized by --- ---, provost-marshal of ---, from the --- day of --- to the --- day of ----," and columns as follows: Date, number or quantity, articles, number or marks, weight, from whom seized, why seized, condition, disposition; and the report must be dated at the time of making out the same and signed officially.

All property abandoned, captured, confiscated as belonging to disloyal persons, or seized under military orders, which shall come into possession of any provost-marshal, shall be turned over to the agent of the Treasury Department, excepting arms, munitions of war, forage, horses, mules, wagons, beef-cattle, and supplies which are necessary