War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0496 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Nashville, Tenn., April 25, 1864.

Captain PENNOCK,

U. S. Navy, Cairo, Ill.:

DEAR CAPTAIN: I send you some letters for Red River, which I beg you will send to the admiral by your next regular boat. There is no necessity of unusual expedition.

I wish you would notify Captain Shirk that we will in May be actively engaged beyond the Tennessee, and I have no doubt the enemy will work up along the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and try and cross the Tennessee to attack my lines of communication. What we want is the earliest possible notice of such movement sent to Nashville, and also keep my headquarters here advised where a gun-boat could be found with which to throw men across to the west bank of the Tennessee when necessary.

For some time McPherson's command will be running up the Tennessee as far as Clifton, which is the shortest line of march to Pulaski and Decatur. Please facilitate this movement all you can.

I am, with respect, your friend and servant,


Major-General, Commanding.



Numbers 35.

Nashville, Tenn., April 25, 1864.

I. The armies now on the line of the Tennessee for the purpose of war will constitute one army, under the personal direction of the major-general commanding the division, but for the purpose of administration will retain the separate department organizations. All department commanders will exercise as heretofore full control of all matters pertaining to the troops properly belonging to them, and of the local districts which compose the field of their respective departments.

II. The effective Army of the Cumberland will be the center, that of the Ohio the left wing, and that of the Tennessee the right wing. Each commander of these armies will give all needful supervision of the supplies for his command, and keep near his person a complete staff to regulate the receipt and distribution of supplies of kind. The commander-in-chief will be habitually with the center, bu may shift from time to time to either flank, leaving a staff officer near the center to receive reports and make orders. May 1, the center will be at Chattanooga.

III. In all movements each army will be kept well in hand with no detachments except scout and skirmish, and risking as little as possible in side issues or small affairs. The wings will confine their movements to those of the center habitually. Should the routes to be indicated in future orders bring either army in contact with the enemy he should be engaged vigorously, after proper reconnaissance, and all attacks of the enemy in position should be preceded by a good line of skirmishers to develop the position of the enemy's artillery and masses. Great care should be taken not to use artillery or volleys of musketry unnecessarily, as the sound is calculated to mislead the neighboring army.

IV. General Stoneman, under Major-General Schofield, will com-