War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0421 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Numbers 4.

Huntsville, Ala., April 19, 1864

I. The provost-marshal's department of the Army and Department of the Tennessee will be composed of one provost-marshal-general, one provost-marshal for each corps, and one assistant provost-marshal for each division of a corps.

II. The provost-marshal and assistants will be appointed by respective corps and division commanders, and will be considered as part of the staff. The will receive instructions from the provost-marshal-general of the department as to their general duties and will make such reports as he may require, but will be subject to orders from their immediate commanders, as in the case of quartermasters, commissaries, &c.

III. Commanding officers of corps will at once report to these headquarters the name, rank, and regiment of all officers now appointed as provost-marshals and assistants and will notify the provost-marshal-general of all changes that may be made hereafter.

IV. District and local provost-marshal will be appointed by the provost-marshal-general; will receive their orders and instructions from him, and may be removed by his order, whenever he may deem it necessary for the good of the service. Commanders of posts may, however, when the exigencies of the service require, it appoint local provost-marshals, subject to the approval of the provost-marshal-general, but will notify him immediately of such appointments; they will also report to him at once the name and rank of such now on duty at their several posts.

V. The existing rules and regulations for the guidance of district and local provost-marshals will remain in force until otherwise ordered by the provost-marshal-general.

VI. Moneys properly receivable by provost-marshal of districts and posts are such as are usually collected by the municipal authorities of cities, viz: Fines for disorderly conduct, for the violation of orders, for licenses for hacks, drays, barbers, theaters, markets, &c., and for all trade not properly under control of the Treasury Department. All such will be reported to the provost-marshal-general and will be disposed of as he may direct, and must not be confounded with the funds arising from the flour savings of post bakeries, and from such other sources as a post commander is authorized or may find it necessary to draw from, for the creation of a post fund.

By order of Major General James B. McPherson:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Numbers 110.

Chattanooga, Tenn., April 19, 1864.

* * * * *

VIII. The following assignment of batteries is hereby made:

To be assigned to the Twentieth Army Corps: First Division, Twentieth Army Corps-Battery M, First Regiment New York Volunteer Artillery; Battery I, First Regiment New York Volunteer Artillery. Second Division, Twentieth Army Corps-Battery E, Pennsylvania Independent Artillery; Thirteenth Independent Battery New York Volunteer Artillery. Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps-Battery C, First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Artillery;