War of the Rebellion: Serial 059 Page 0269 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Numbers 96.

Knoxville, Tenn., April 5, 1864.

* * * *

II. In anticipation of order from the Presided relieving Major General George Stoneman from command of the Twenty-third Army Corps, in order that he may be assigned to command the cavalry of this department, he will without delay repair to Kentucky and assume command of all the cavalry in that State, except that which belongs to the District of Kentucky.

The five new regiments of Indiana cavalry which are ordered to this department will also report to General Stoneman on their arrival in Kentucky. General Stoneman is authorized, if he deem it necessary, to visit Indiana for the purpose of attending to the mounting and equipment of these regiments and bringing them forward, or he may send his staff officers for this purpose.

General Stoneman will assemble all the cavalry assigned to his command at or near Lexington, Ky., and prepare it as quickly and as thoroughly as possible for active service in the field. He will organize his command into brigades and divisions according to his judgement, so as to place the most completed officers in command.

General Stoneman is authorized to organize a pact train for the supply of his command when in the field. Staff officers will honor his requisitions for all things necessary to the complete outfit of his command.

Brigadier General S. D. Sturgis is relieved from duty as chief of cavalry of this department, and will report for duty to Major-General Stoneman.

Captain E. Gay, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry, is assigned to duty as inspector of cavalry.

The assistant inspectors of cavalry of divisions, brigade, and districts will make the periodical reports to Captain Gay, and such special reports as he may require from time to time, and will carry out his instructions relative to the discharge of their duties.

Major-General Stoneman will select competent and reliable officers as assistant inspectors for the brigades and divisions of his command.

* * * *

VI. Brigadier General T. J. Wood, commanding Third Division, Fourth Army Corps, will march his division without unnecessary delay, by moderate daily marches, to Cleveland, Tenn., reporting in advance of his arrival at that place to Major-General Thomas, commanding Department of the Cumberland, for further orders.

All transportation and other public property belonging to the division will be returned to General Wood.

The major-general commanding desires to express to Brigadier-General Wood and his command his high appreciation of their cheerful and soldierly discharge of duty while temporarily under his command.

* * * *

IX. All animals which are unserviceable and cannot be recruited in a reasonable time, viz, such as are ordinarily sold by the quartermaster's department, will hereafter be loaned to loyal citizens of East Tennessee, to be fed and used by them until called for by the chief quartermaster of the department. No citizen will be allowed to have a greater number of animals than required for his own use,