War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0666 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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for each division, of the chief surgeon, the senior surgeons of the brigade to which the applicant for medical certificate belongs, and of the medical officers hereinafter named. For commands less than a division, while unattached or on detached service, the Board will consist of the three ranking medical officers, or of two, or one, if only that number be present.

All medical certificates for officers, certificates of disability for furloughs and discharges for soldiers, and all certificates of disability for field service upon which applications for detail or transfer are based, will be made by this Board.

II. The Examining Board will inspect all officers, and the senior surgeon of the brigade or detachment all soldiers reported as proper cases for treatment in general hospital, and see that all are promptly shipped, except such as can be safely treated in the field and restored, fit for duty, in six or eight days. The "List of sick sent to general hospital" will be made by the medical officer in charge of the regiment or command, and submitted to the senior surgeon of brigade for indorsement of his approval. Duplicate "lists" will be forwarded to the chief surgeon of division, whit will forward to the assistant adjutant-general, for information of the chiefs of departments, a list of the officers sent to hospital. Neither officers nor soldiers will be permitted to go to hospitals not under the control of the medical director of hospitals for this army except after great battles, and only then on the order of medical director of hospitals. Every officer sick in hospital will, at the end of each month, forward to the general commanding a certificate of disability from the hospital examining board.

III. All orders conflicting with the above are hereby revoked.

IV. The following-named officers are appointed members of the boards of their respective commands:

Hardee's corps: Cheatham's division, Surg. J. G. Griggs; Cleburne's division, Surg. W. E. Brickell; Walker's division, Surg. W. G. Owen; Stevenson's division, Surg. Oscar Wiley.

Hindman's corps: Hindman's division, Surg. J. L. Alston; Breckinridge's division, Surg. W. J. Byrne; Stewart's division, Surg. S. A. Holt.

Wheeler's corps: Kelly's division, Surg. A. T. Pearsoll; Wharton's division, Asst. Surg. P. H. Thornton.

By command of General Johnston:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Dalton, Ga., February 3, 1864.

Numbers 18.

Strahl's brigade, following the example set by the One hundred and fifty-fourth Tennessee Regiment and others of Vaughan's brigade, adopted resolutions of re-enlistment, which, as being the first received, were forwarded to the President. His letter of acknowledgment and commendation is now published to the troops. It applies alike to all the brave and faithful soldiers who have re-enlisted:

Major-General HINDMAN,

Commanding, & c.:

GENERAL: The letter of General Strahl, forwarded by you on the 17th instant, announcing the resolutions of the officers and men of his brigade "never to lay down