War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0583 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Cavalry Brigade.


6th Alabama (detachment).

15th Confederate, Colonel Henry Maury.

Tennessee Battery, Captain Thomas F. Tobin.

Abstract from return of the troops in Mississippi, Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, C. S. Army, commanding, January 20, 1864; headquarters at Meridian, Miss.

Present for duty.

Command. Office Men Effecti Aggrega Aggreg

rs ve te ate

total present presen

t and


General 7 42 42 60 95


Loring's division 505 6,166 6,103 7,768 12,207

French's division 205 2,120 2,091 2,906 4,793

Forney's division 181 1,701 1,689 2,212 8,230

Cavalry Corps 652 7,685 7,611 9,981 16,650


Ruggles' command 14 159 156 203 238

Cahaba, Ala. --- --- --- 338 419

Demopolis, Ala. 17 155 153 223 325

Selma, Ala. 17 130 128 153 177

1st Alabama 17 480 471 593 745


Artillery of 4 92 87 108 144

Cockrell's brigade

Waties' (South 5 83 80 94 109

Carolina) battery

Total 1,624 18,813 18,611 24,639 44,132

Composition of the army commanded by Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, C. S. Army, January 20, 1864.*


Orleans Light Horse (Louisiana company), Captain Leeds Greenleaf.


Major General WILLIAM W. LORING.

Adams' Brigade.

1st Confederate Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel George H. Forney.

6th Mississippi, Colonel Robert Lowry.

14th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Doss.

15th Mississippi, Colonel M. Farrell.

20th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel William N. Brown.

23rd Mississippi, Major G. W. B. Garrett.

26th Mississippi, Colonel Arthur E. Reynolds.

Lookout (Tennessee) Artillery, Captain Robert L. Barry.

Smith's (Mississippi) battery, Captain James T. Smith.

Buford's Brigade.

27th Alabama, Colonel James Jackson.

35th Alabama, Colonel Edward Goodwin.

54th Alabama, Colonel Alpheus Baker.

55th Alabama, Colonel John Snodgrass.

9th Arkansas, Colonel Isaac L. Dunlop.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel A. P. Thompson.

7th Kentucky, Colonel Edward Crossland.

8th Kentucky, Colonel Hylan B. Lyon.

12th Louisiana, Colonel Thomas M. Scott.

3rd Missouri Cavalry,++ Lieutenant Colonel D. Todd Samuels.

Pointe Coupee (Louisiana) Artillery, Captain Alcide Bouanchaud.


*Note on original return, probably indorsed in Adjutant and Inspector General's Office at Richmond, states that it is the first return of this command received from Lieutenant-General Polk. On December 16, 1863, General Johnston was directed by President Davis to turn over the immediate command of the "Army of the Mississippi" to General Polk, &c. In assuming the command thus indicated, Lieutenant-General Polk (December 23, 1863) designated it as the "Department of the Southwest," but that designation was on January 28, 1864, changed by the C. S. War Department to the "Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana."

+Actual brigade commanders not indicated on original return. The assignment of batteries is given as specially reported January 15. It is not indicated on original.