War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0533 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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there is to be perfect quiet in the encampment; one officer of each company remaining on duty in this company grounds for half an hour after taps, enforcing obedience to these requirements, and then reporting to the adjutant of the regiment. All lights, except those of the field and staff, are extinguished at 11 p. m.

11. Brigade, regimental, and company commanders are required to give close and constant attention to the quantity of rations issued to their men and the preparation of the same as food. The various medical officers are to make frequent inspections of the issues of food and the cooking utensils, and offer such suggestions command.

12. In each brigade a brigade guard is detailed every day, consisting of the proper number of commissioned and non-commissioned officers and men, enough for a chain of sentinels entirely surrounding the brigade encampment, including the sinks, and, if practicable, the water.

Between daylight and dark officers wearing their side-arms are to pass the chain of sentinels of the brigade guard at will, and in this period enlisted men without arms and counterments, having the written permission of the brigade commander, are allowed to pass the same chain of sentinels. But this does not authorize them to absent themselves from any duty whatever, nor to go more than 500 yards their camps, unless they are general officers, brigade or regimental commanders, their staff officers, orderlies, or couriers, when on duty. Between dark and daylight the brigade guard challenges all persons attempting to pass the lines.

At all hours, whether by day or night the brigade guards arrests all disorderly or suspicious persons. All citizens attempting to come within the lines will be sent to brigade headquarters. There is also a patrol in each brigade, moving day and night thorough the encampment, arresting suspicious persons, preventing nuisances, and suppressing all disorder.

13. From the divisions there is detailed daily, or at longer intervals as circumstances require, a picket guard, consisting of the proper number of commissioned and non-commissioned officers and men, enough to cover all approaches to the camp and keep up by day and night an efficient patrol between the several picket stations. It receives special instructions from time to time.

Each brigade officer of the day has immediate control over the pickets detailed from his brigade and is responsible for their due performance of duty.

14. Every detachment maintains such guards will effectually preserve order and prevent surprise.

The smaller the body the greater the necessity for vigilance. While one relief of a guard is on post another sleeps. The other relief a is at the guard-house awake and ready for any emergency. Officers and men detailed for guard duty are to take with them their blankets and cooked rations, and are not on any pretense to revisit their quarters until relieved, unless in the proper and necessary discharge of duty.

15. One of the commanding officers of each guard is required to visit all the sentinels of each relief, assuring himself that they know and correctly perform all their duties.

Brigade officers of the day are to visit their guards at least once before dark and once during the night, after 12 p. m., ascertaining that both officers and men are properly instructed and duly vigilant.