War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0532 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. [CHAP XLIV.

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The officers to whom absentees are reported are to take prompt measures for arresting and bringing them to punishment.

6. At surgeon's call the sick in camp assemble on their respective company grounds and are marched to the hospital by a non-commissioned officer, one of whom is detailed daily for that duty. None are to present themselves for treatment in this manner without special permission. The non-commissioned officer takes with him the company sick-book, and returns it to the first sergeant after the surgeon has made the proper entries therein.

Company, regimental, and brigade,commanders are required at all times to know, how their sick are situated and are responsible for the prevention of neglect and ill treatment within the limits of their respective commands. It is likewise made their duty to see that the dead are decently interred and the places of burial suitably inclosed.

7. At the call for guard mounting the several guard details assemble on their respective regimental color line, are carefully inspected, and them marched to the general parade ground by the first sergeant. Guards are to be mounted strictly in accordance with the Army Regulations, under the personal supervision of a brigade staff officer, and the several regimental adjutants are to alternate in mounting the guard. The guard- house of each brigade is to be 60 yards in front of the color-line and near the center of the brigade when the ground will admit of it. All calls are to be sounded at the brigade guards-house and promptly repeated at the several regimental headquarters.

8. The old guard, upon the next day after being relieved, is to be the general fatigue party for that day. Its duties are to clean thoroughly all the encampments, except the company grounds, and to perform such other labor as may be necessary.

A non-commissioned officer and a sufficient number of privates of each company are to be detailed daily as company police, and are to thoroughly clean their company grounds immediately after breakfast and again at 4.30 p. m. The commanding officer of each company inspects his company grounds immediately after the times above prescribed.

At these inspections the quarters are to be in perfect order,knapsacks properly packed, and bedding neatly folded the occupants of each tent our hut remaining in front of the same during its inspection.

The brigade officer of the day is responsible for the due performance of all police and fatigue duty within or near his lines. He is special charged with seeing that the sinks of regiments and offal pits of companies are properly placed and arranged and fresh earth thrown into them daily; that slaughter pens are kept at least half a mile from the camps and thoroughfare, the offal there buried daily and the hides removed; that the wagons yards and other places of keeping animals are regularly and well policed, and that nothing offensive to decency or detrimental to twelfth be anywhere visible.

9. At the signal for parade each company is formed on its own company grounds, under arms, and is thoroughly inspected by its officers. When the music begins playing the companies are marched in their proper order to the general parade, which is the color-line of each regiment.

10. At taps all light except those of commissioned officers, non commissioned staff, and first sergeants are to be extinguished, and