War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0531 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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utes after reveille; stable call fifteen minutes after reveille; first sergeant's call half hour after reveille; breakfast at sunrise ; adjutant's call at 9 a. m; drill from 10 to 11.30 a. m.; officer's drill from 11 a. m. to 12 m.; dinner at 12.30 p. m.; drill from 2.30 to 4 p. m.; drill from 2.30 to 4 p. m.; guard mounting at 4 p. m.; stable call at 4 p. m.; camp and company police at 4.30 p. m.; dress parade at sunset; supper immediately after parade; tattoo at 8 p. m.; taps one hour after tattoo.

Men are not to be excused from duty of any kind, except for disability, by their medical officers and for meritorious conduct by their regimental commanders or officers of higher rank. Company commanders and their subalterns are specially prohibited from assuming this power in any case whatever.

2. The roll of the enlisted men of each company is to be called by the first sergeant at reveille, at morning and afternoon drill, at dress parade, and at tattoo.

3. The artillery of each division, though it may be camped separately is to report to division headquarters, and division commanders are responsible for the due observance of all orders therein. In the artillery, all company officers are to attend the stable call. In the quartermaster's department, division commanders are to enforce the same rules in respect to the care of animals as in the artillery, requiring all quartermasters to attend the stable calls for the animals of their trains; and in that department as also in commissary, ordnance, and medical departments, they are to require roll-calls and reports of absentees at reveille and tattoo and the due performing of police and others necessary duties.

4. On Sundays there are no drills. Inspection is to be at 10 a. m., under the personal supervision of the brigade commanders, and the commanders of division are to supervise these inspections, being present with one of their brigades each Sunday.

Once a week the commander of each division, accompanied by all his brigade commanders, will visit and thoroughly inspect the camp of each brigade, including stores and field transportation.

Whenever practicable, religious services are to be held in camp on Sundays, when the utmost decorum is to be observed. Religious service at night are not to extend beyond taps.

5. At reveille and tattoo the men are to be in ranks when the drum stops beating. A preparatory signal is to be bated five minutes before all other calls, at which the men assemble on their company grounds. Ranks are formed at the second beating, of the drum.

When it stops the companies are called to attention, and those who fall in after this are to be reported as "late."

First sergeants are to commit their rolls to memory, call them promptly, and immediately report to the company officers of highest rank present. Where there are more than one of the same surname numbers are to be used.

At reveille and tattoo all company officers are to be present, and at least one is to be present at all other roll-calls. First sergeants enter first in order for fatigue details, all absentees late and men whose arms or accouterments are in bad condition or who are neglectful of cleanliness in their persons, clothing, or tents.

The company officer to whom absentees are reported at any roll call immediately reports them to the adjutant of the regiment, and the adjutant reports to the regimental commander the company officers improperly absent from such roll-call and the regimental commander reports to the commander of the brigade.