War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0205 Chapter XLIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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IV. The intention of the above three paragraphs is or educe the number of animals in and about Knoxville, whit the utmost expedition, ot the absolute minimum, and the quartermaster's department will issue no forage except in strict compliance with the provisions of the above orders.

V. The Ninth Army Corps will be allowed double the allowance of transportation and officers' horses assigned tot he Twenty-third Army Corps as above, and no more. The artillery will, however, retain its draft and officers' horses and one team and wagon to each battery.

The surplus wagons and animals will be turned over to the quartermaster's department and the officers' horses sent to Kentucky, as directed above.

The corps will supply itself whit forage, and, if unable to do so, will be reduced tot he allowance assigned to the Twenty-third Army Corps as above, the supplies being disposed of in a similar manner.

* * * * * *

By command of major-General Foster:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Numbers 7.

Knoxville, Tenn., January 24, 1864.

The following disposition of this command at this place is hereby ordered, and will at once be made:

General manson's division will occupy a line in front of the town, from the river on the right to the Tazewell road, inclusive.

Colonel Reilly's brigade of General Hascall's division will be on the Clinton road.

Colonel Cameron's brigade of General hascall's division will occupy the works on the south side of the river and the roads on the same side leading form Knoxville. It will furnish all pickets, &c., needed on that side.

All of these camps on the north side of the river must be outside of he fortifications and sufficiently near them to render the ground untenable by the enemy.

The following grand guards will be established:

One at or near Love's house, on the Strawberry Plains road, to consist of one large regiment, which will also furnish a picket of 50 men to hold Armstrong' Ford and picket the river in the vicinity. A second grand guard on the Scott Valley road, near Mr. Ross' place, 5 miles from knoxville. A third on the Tazewell road, 4 or 5 miles out, as will best cover the cross-roads from the Clinton and Tazewell and Tazewell and Scott Valley roads.

These three grand guards will be furnished from General Manson's division. General Hascall will furnish from his division a fourth grand guard on the Clinton road, 4 or 5 miles out, at the most suitable place; also a picket of 50 men on the Kentucky Railroad, to guard the pass through the ridge of mountains nearest town. These grand guards must take such places as they can best defend. They will be expected to hold out against any surprise or small force of the enemy until re-enforcements shall reach them.