War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0204 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Second. One good 6-mule or 4-horse team and one wagon to every two regiments.

Third. One ambulance and 2 good horses or mules to each general hospital.

Fourth. One 6-mule or 4-horse team and one wagon to each department or corps headquarters.

Fifth. Two 4-horse teams and teams and two wagons for use upon fortifications, under the direction of Brigadier Ten. D. Tillson, chief of artillery.

No exceptions, other than as above, will be made in favor of the several batteries or detachments. they will be supplied from the allowance above, the artillery being supplied under the direction of Brigadier-General Tillson, chief of artillery. The above provisions apply to all Government animals used by officers, detailed men, and employes of the several staff departments, signal corps, and hospitals.

The commandant of the post of Knoxville will see the above order executed, except so far as the Twenty-third Army Corps is concerned.

II. The horses of all officers of the Twenty-third Army Corps and all batteries and detachments in and about Knoxville, Tenn., an of all officers upon duty or staying in and about said city, the same being the private property of such officers, with the exceptions hereinafter enumerated, will be at once sent to Kentucky to be supplied with forage. The exceptions are as follows:

First. One horse for the major-general commanding and 1 horse for his aides-de-camp.

Second. One horse for the head of each staff department and department headquarters.

Third. One horse for the commanding officer of the Twenty-third Army Corps an 1 for each of the division commanders.

The officers sending their horses to the rear, as above, may each send 1 enlisted man to take charge of the same, who will be properly detailed for that purpose. They will be conducted under the charge of Captain D. W. H. Day, One hundred and eleventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, who is detailed for the purpose, acting under the direction of the quartermaster's department.

III. 1. The quartermaster's department will retain the following number of 6-mule teams and wagons for the purpose indicated below, viz: For use of subsistence department, 100; for fortifications under charge of Brigadier-General Tillson, 2; for hauling stores under charge of Captain Whitman, 2; for bridges under charge of Superintendent Carter, 1; for post for fuel for troops and officers, 20. The transportation of the subsistence department must supply itself with forage.

2. All horses fit for cavalry service will be turned over, without delay, for the use of the dismounted men of that arm, under the direction of Captain George E. Gouraud, aide-de-camp.

3. All other serviceable wagons and animals will be made up, as fast as possible, into trains and sent to Camp Nelson, Ky., for supplies.

4. the quartermaster's department will furnish transportation upon such trains to such indigent citizens as may with to leave the country, and, under the direction of the medical director, to sick and disabled soldiers.

5. The remainder of the animals will be inspected, and such as may be recuperated sent to Kentucky for that purpose; those condemned will be sold to citizens with the utmost expedition.